Friday, January 31, 2014

Where the Hell is Matt? Dance Around The World Video

Published on Jun 20, 2012

Put # and then your city and country/state in your comment so I know where you're from. #Seattle, Washington

Download the video to your computer/tablet/phone:

Wanna dance with me in in your town?

"Trip the Light" on iTunes:

Vocals by Alicia Lemke of Alice and the Glass Lake


The dancers in Syria are blurred for their safety.

I got into North Korea with Koryo Tours. It's not difficult or dangerous.

This video was made without a sponsor. I don't need you to buy anything. Just remember we need to take care of each other.



ruma said...

Hello, Stranger in a Strange Land.

Good feeling works.
Thank you for your support all the time.

A nice February.
From Japan, ruma ❃

Stranger in a Strange Land said...

Hello Ruma:

You are very welcome and thank you for visiting. A very happy February to you also.

Best wishes,