Wednesday, January 1, 2014

A Source Of Inspiration In 2014 - Forget Not Your Obligation To Those Yet To Come

Some samples of the writings:

This is our message to mankind through you. Look to the stars, but walk calmly upon the Earth.

The Earth changes will be many. Man must learn how emotions, thoughts, and discipline of spirit are connected to nature.

We come to say, have faith in all good and positive enterprises and wish for the good of all.

Increase the integrity of your being and be one who can offer a better way to all he comes in contact with.

Come to the realization that all life is connected.

Forget not your obligation to the future. Your
obligation to give direction to those yet to come.

I opened this site in 2002 as a way to introduce others to inspirational writings that I began to write in 1997.

I hope that you take some comfort from these words.


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