Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Support Nurses All Across The USA Who Are Refusing Mandatory Vaccines

Nurses across the United States are losing their jobs for refusing mandatory flu vaccinations. For those that are granted medical or philosophical exemptions, they are required to wear masks while at work during the entire flu season. Since studies show that even those who are vaccinated can still pass on the influenza virus, and since the requirement to vaccinate 90% of medical care workers in healthcare facilities with the flu vaccine is a financial consideration for getting the full federal funds available for Medicare and Medicaid reimbursements under Obamacare, this requirement to single out those refusing vaccines is a clear case of discrimination and harassment

Dreonna Breton lost her job in December 2013 for refusing to receive the flu vaccine while she was pregnant, even though she had a doctor’s exemption.
To read more about this health care worker ( Deonna Breton) who actually put the word "care" back into health care and lost her job:

Lancaster Online

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Health Impact News Daily

To show your support of the nurses:

Nurses Against Mandatory Vaccines Facebook

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