Friday, December 27, 2013

Time To Rally Again For GMO Labelling In California on January 6, 2014

CALIFORNIA: IT'S TIME TO RISE UP AGAIN! Please share and show up!

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RALLY ... Action NOW!! Come and bring a friend!!
An impressive line-up of guest speakers will share their knowledge on January 6. The list includes: Pamm Larry initial instigator of Proposition 37 Label GMOs: Grassroots California, Zen Honeycutt, Director of Moms Across America (MAAM), social justice songwriter/musicians Jenn Rogar and Barclay Neumann, Adam Scow from Food and Water Watch, Paul Towers of Center for Food Safety, Adam Scow of Food and Watch, Michelle Basso Reynolds of Sac Natural Foods Co-op, Kelly Sutton MD, Miguel Robles, of Biosafety Alliance and organizer of Justice for Seeds conference, host of Spanish language radio during Prop 37, Sylvia Wu, of Center for Food Safety, and Bob McFarland, President of the California State Grange.



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