Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Bella Isabella - A Mothers Story Of Her Vaccination Injuried Child

My Childs Vaccine Reaction Facebook,  2 November 2013
This is my beautiful daughter Isabella. Bella developed normally up until her six month vaccinations. They were done late as she had been sick. Within 12 hours of having her shots she started having seizures. However I did not recognise the...m as seizures.

Although my gut told me not to give her any more vaccinations I eventually succumbed to pressure from her doctor and gave her the 12-month-vaccinations. At this time her seizures went from 20 a day to over a hundred a day. She also stopped trying to crawl, stopped pulling to stand etc.

My following two children have not been vaccinated and both are healthy and fine. Bella is now in a wheelchair and a pediatric neurologist has told me that her condition was 'triggered' by her vaccinations. I have started on a homeopathic program to try to recover my precious girl.

Jodie Derriman

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