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Progressives, Dutifully Taking Your Children to Be Genetically Engineered by Andrew Baker


Progressives, Dutifully Taking Your Children to Be Genetically Engineered

by Andrew Baker

Food Freedom News,  30 November 2012

In this time of exposure of endless corporate crimes, progressives have carved out a unique exception around health.  And into this zone of corporate trust, they bring their small children to be injected with corporate-owned GMOs.
Progressives perceive corporations as working beneficently and diligently to find cures for diseases and seeking the health of the world’s population through modern medicine – new drugs, genetic engineering, stem cell research, and vaccines.
To arrive this benign view of corporations as compassionately involved in “health,” progressives have put aside the intense critical thinking, research, and focused political questioning they apply to all other corporate activities, and, instead, trust what they have been told by government agencies run by the corporations and by “medical authorities” funded by corporations.  They have followed the advice of one of the wealthiest of the 1% (Bill Gates) – not to even question the safety of his products or be seen as a killer.
The new vaccine are a DNA-vaccines which shoot patented genetically engineered material into a person’s body.  The intent behind these vaccines is to achieve “DNA uptake.”  The intent, therefore, is to alter the person’s DNA. 
How have progressives, who are outraged about Monsanto genetically engineering plants and animals, missed that the new generation of vaccines being used on their own children genetically alter DNA, too, often in the very same way that Monsanto alters seeds (with a gene gun)?   The child’s body is shot with patented synthetic material that is supposed to embed itself in the child’s DNA.
The vaccines are designed to genetically engineer those taking them.
How have progressive missed that their children are being cumulatively loaded with corporations’ patented GMOs, contaminating their children’s previously organic DNA and permanently impacting their code of life, as well as changing their genetic lineage for all time?
How have progressives missed that their children, after taking these vaccines, would have three genetic parental lines in their DNA – from their mother, their father, and from the pharmaceutical industry, the largest and most criminal industry in the world?
How have progressives missed the inherent rape built into these vaccines, as their children are being “inseminated” – without the parents’ knowledge and one might assume, against their will – with synthetic biologic material that goes further than a rapist does, for the DNA-vaccines will affect the DNA not jut of the child injected, but of all offspring and all descendants of that child?
“Is this a women’s issue?
“In many ways, these GMO vaccines are a secret experiment, people never having been asked if they are willing for their or their children’s DNA to be altered with synthetic material which is permanent and will affect all their bodily functions in unknown, unpredictable ways, and will be inheritable.
“Is this a women’s issue?
“Human beings’ lineage has always come from only two sources, their mother and father. Without permission of the person or parent, without even their knowledge, pharma has been inserting for the first time in the history of genetics, a third source of inherited instructions over the adult person or child’s life – an inhuman, corporate source, and using synthetic material.
“Is this a women’s issue?
“This is still not the limit to vaccines, because the material being inserted is patented. The legal questions surrounding inserting into an adult and especially around filling a child with patented intellectual property have not only not been answered but have not even been spoken aloud. Who will have rights to the adult or child’s blood, tissues, organs? Has the adult or child ceased to be a child or God, of of its own parents even, and become in part a product over which pharma may assert future claims? With so many mandated GMO vaccines, is the child being increasingly altered, so that his or her natural genetic heritage and physiologic instructions are being disrupted? Is the child legally losing rights to their own bodies as the child is increasingly filled with more and mire of pharma’s intellectual property?
“Is this a women’s issue?
“If there is no way to stop this pharma “seeding” of a child or adult with its own synthetic biologic material, how does this rupturing of the child’s or adult’s own CORE biologic wholeness, differ from a rape? And how does this differ from a rape in which the rapist impregnates a woman, forcing her to carry forward the rapist’s lineage?”
It will be crucial to understand how progressives, whose own children are directly subject to the power of these corporations, have been led into constructing this unique exemption for corporations they typically distrust and protest against.  Only progressives can think back over how they have developed this extraordinary blind trust in government and medical authorities around health (when both are even tied to the pharmaceutical industries by patents or funding) and how it could have led to their overriding their own political, historical, and moral critiques of wrong doing such that it would allow them to expose their own children to harm that others see clearly and are trying to expose.
Because progressives are bringing their children to receive corporate vaccines that tamper with their children’ life at the level of their DNA, the very blue print for all of their biologic functioning.  Progressives are willingly letting the criminal industry that put Adolf Hitler into office and was responsible for WWII and the backers of the Bushes, insert patented GMOs into their children, letting them become part of their children’s parental lineage and profoundly impacting their children and all of their future descendants’ biological function.  And who knows what future commercial claims these corporations will make over the DNA, stems cells, organs, blood, bones, etc. of those into whom they have embedded their patented “intellectual property.”  That is anyone’s guess but Monsanto’s actions against farmers whose crops have been contaminated against their will by Monsanto’s GMOs is not reassuring.
Below is a short list of human beings and information that progressives, in trusting corporate vaccines without question, have uncharacteristically ignored.
Human beings
tens of thousands of desperate mothers and fathers trying to report their children have been injured or killed workers (!) being forced to take vaccines that have been suspended in Canada and Europe for being worthless but which are extremely dangerous, and are associated with a 2440% increase in fetal death, and which actually increase the likelihood of the flu  or lose their jobs   women organizing to protect other women by reporting dangers of the vaccines, especially of miscarriages from them.

vaccines are heavily backed by the same Bankers who were behind the bailout and are invested in GMOs  the history of the robber barons and their take over medicine and medical research through “philanthropy”

the pharmaceutical industry’s influence over government agencies
the pharmaceutical industry’s influence over international agencies
the pharmaceutical industry’s genocidal history and current lawsuit for crimes against humanity
the warnings from the US prosecutor at the Nuremberg Tribunal
the pharmaceutical industry’s historical and on-going connection to the Bush family and their intent to genetically alter and then patent all living organisms.
the inexorable business logic of investment in diseases, which depends upon maintaining diseases and increasing them.
the unconstitutional Patriot Act and “pandemic laws,” both put in place by Bush, one using terrorists as the excuse for martial law, the other using disease, neither requiring proof
the connection between vaccines and Henry Kissinger, and genocide
the exposure of swine flu drugs as a hoax based on absent data
the exposure of flu itself as based on the CDC’s 200000% exaggeration of flu deaths
the CDC’s false data on “swine flu,” exposed by CBS News
the CDC’s connection to the Tuskagee Experiment
official statistics covering over 2 centuries showing that vaccines are not responsible for the decline in infectious diseases
that Bill Gates – perhaps the backer of Monsanto – along with the WHO he helps control through funding, and the World Bank, are responsible for 47500 cases of polio in India that are being denied
that the polio vaccine, the first vaccine to include two species of animal, was a danger all along, was the beneficiary of rigged statistics, and is associated with the soft tissue cancer epidemic in the 20th century and beyond
that all the vaccines are contaminated according to Merck’s former head of vaccines, Maurice Hillarman, and to Garth Nicolson, one of the leading cell biologists in the world, and others
that CBS reports that scientists inside pharma are exposing the vaccines and some have filed suit for falsification of data by the vaccine companies
the money involved
the clarity of FOIAs showing 30 years of secret official UK government documents proving that the vaccines (same ones as in the US) do not work, cause the diseases they are alleged to prevent, include hazards, that the government has colluded with the corporations to stop safety studies and to lie to the public about the safety vaccines
studies on vaccine dangers that support the UK FOIA information – that vaccines don’t work and actually cause diseases
the message conveyed by the CDC’s over six year refusal to respond to FOIA requests concerned what they have known about vaccine dangers
Progressives have a lot of catching up to do if they are to protect their children and stand consistently with the public against ALL corporate outrages.  A 5 minute video should make clear to any progressives who still “believe in” vaccines, that our own government has known for over 40 years that vaccines are a threat.

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