Monday, December 17, 2012

My Response to Dr. Hanley's Criticism of My Last Article on Vaccination - A Guest Post by Michael Brine

We have sadly seen the current medical establishment give their power to the Drug companies in the belief that this method of protection from illnesses and disease – vaccination – will somehow, by injecting people with poisons, especially young children, protect them from ill health.  It’s unbelievable!

There is an increasing awareness out in the public domain at large who are seriously questioning this vaccination issue. I have seen that nurses in B.C. and others as in the Yukon, and a major one in the UK. In the UK case has started a strong opening discussion there across the country. There is a genuine fear here in the Yukon that the medical hierarchy will impose mandatory vaccinations on those nurses who have not been vaccinated. 

I realise that many doctors have been brought up from a young age to believe in this process without question. Their commitment to this therefore is understandable. However, think about this. North Americans are the sickest people in the world bar none. In part by our lousy food consumption, [way too much meat for a start!], and also in part because of vaccination.  It’s time to wake up and question this sad situation before it’s too late!

 Now to respond directly to you, Dr. Hanley. I realise you are also operating from your own conditioning. So, with reference to your response in last week’s Star to my earlier article on this vaccination issue I am not going to respond to most of your unpleasant comments except to say that on one particular issue, in which you refer to me and those who believe as I do, that some how we are working for the “Anti-Vaccine Industry” - My God man, where on Earth did you come up with that one?!  Never once did you comment or even acknowledge my three horrible experiences that I had as a child and in my youth in which I almost died from vaccination!  And by the way you criticized the Star for publishing my earlier article. What happened to free speech?  They published your response didn’t they?! 


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Now, Just to say to my brave readers J – And indeed to the Woman in Chief, Jackie Pierce, and all the great staff at the Whitehorse Star and their very tolerant Editor, Jim Butler - Have a peaceful and fulfilling break over this holiday period. We are some of the luckiest people anywhere living up here in our wonderful Yukon! Amen to that! Indeed! Michael.


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Thanks alot.


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Hello Michael:

You are very welcome. I thopught that it was good of you to rebuttal your critics.

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