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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Michael Brines' Response To Criticism Directed Towards Him From The Yukon Medical Association

I was forwarded the rebuttal below sent to me by Michael Brine and I have agreed to publish it.  This is a good example of what I call damage control.  Whenever one goes against the party line of the appointed experts and authorities there is an arrogant and demeaning backlash of words. The tone is always one of, "Who are you to speak on such matters? We are on the only ones with the knowledge and authority to decide what is best for you and others" 

It's what I call the age-old power game, which I for one am unwilling to play in.  Victim is not a role I have chosen for this lifetime and from all appearances, Michael Brine has not chosen 'victim' either. All have the right to decide on their own bodies' health and well being and need not be intimidated or bullied by the high preists of  Pharma and their medical mafia. You are the one who must live with the results of your decisions and when the worst happens, no agency, bureau, health minister, or physcian will take any responsibility or be the ones to carry your burden of ill health or limited mobility in your time here in this world. Be wise and ask questions. Read studies or findings on the side effects or adverse reactions that can occur due to vaccinations or medication. 

M.N. Hopkins 

Here is the brief explaination to give you some more background information:

Last week Mike H. sent us an article on this vaccination issue that exposed a situation in the UK that the authorities had tried to keep hidden - remember?  Well, I published this in my local paper as I always do. Well, the local Yukon Medical Association responded in the local paper with a scathing attack on my article with all kinds of their usual stats about how effective they are, etc.. The attached is my response.  So, feel free to put this on your site if you'd like to.  Your call.  The more we can expose this vaccination issue the better.  It was thanks to you sharing that article that got the ball rolling.

I published as you know that article you sent me from a British revelation on vaccinations kept hidden.  As expected the local doctors led by the their president,  a Dr. Sally Macdonald wrote a stinging rebuttal to my paper.  I don't have it on the Internet to send you but all the usual stuff about how many lives they've saved etc., etc.  Anyway, here is my rebuttal which will be published in the coming week. 

Michael Brine

Below is the full text of the letter Michael Brine sent to Dr. Sally MacDonald of the Yukon Medical Association in Canada:

This is in response to Dr. Sally Macdonald’s criticism of my stand against vaccination – Actually this is a standing criticism put out to try and silence those who would dare to criticize vaccination and is the usual classic response I’ve seen before. In my column I quoted a disturbing recent revelation uncovered in the UK. which I presented in my Star column on Friday March 23rd. which Macdonald along with two other government health officials strongly criticized.

Let me state at the outset that I believe in Dr. Macdonald’s integrity and that she sincerely believes in what she feels and expressed in support of vaccination, along with her two co-supporters. When we are raised in a culture from our earliest years that tells us vaccination is a way to protect us from very harmful diseases, why would we doubt that when it comes from doctors who are there to protect our good health? Indeed why? Well first let us look back at history when we were told that certain things were the way it was only to find out differently. ie:- that the world was flat until Columbus enlightened us! “Columbus sailed the Ocean blue in fourteen-hundred-and-ninety-two”J There are also many other instances.  

Believe what you will but here is my story. Some of you have heard this before so bare with me.

When I was 6 in 1941 I was given my first vaccination.  It was for measles or something – can’t remember what – and shortly after I became extremely ill and was rushed to hospital. This was in Quebec City as my father was stationed there in the military. It was discovered that I had Spinal and Cerebral Meningitis, either of which could be fatal – I had both! A specialist doctor was hastily flown down from Toronto to try and save my life. To this day I remember as if it was yesterday how I was treated. I was so ill I was not strong enough to take an anaesthetic so I was held face down by two strong men so I couldn’t move while the doctor pushed a needle gently but firmly up my spine to draw off the poisons. That doctor saved my life! At the time it was later said that the vaccine came from a bad batch! Hhhhmmm.

My second vaccination was when I started in a new boarding school in Ottawa in 1950. I was then 15 and it was determined I hadn’t been vaccinated for something – again can’t recall, mumps I think – and as a result I received my vaccination and promptly went down with Mastoid behind my right ear. They had to operate to remove the accumulated poisons. My hearing in my right ear has suffered slightly ever since.

The third vaccination happened 12 years later when I was working in London, England for the Hong Kong and Shanghai Bank – now HSBC – and was getting my second posting to Karachi, Pakistan. While in the UK I had become aware of the dangers of vaccination and had gotten a letter from a Harley Street Doctor who did not believe in it either. He said in his letter that I was an allergic subject and should not be vaccinated. Before going to Pakistan I had to be checked by the bank doctor. In the check up he told me I had to have two vaccinations – Typhoid and Yellow Fever. I showed him my letter. He refused to accept it and told me he’d let me off the Yellow Fever but had to have the Typhoid. I didn’t want to loose my job so agreed to the Typhoid. A month or so after arriving in Karachi I went down with Typhoid – and again almost died! Thanks to the Danish Ambassador with whom I was on good terms because of his daughter J I was moved into his Embassy home and obtained excellent medical treatment, and lived.

I have never been vaccinated since and these were the only diseases/illnesses I have ever suffered and all due to vaccination. I rest my case. I am now almost 77 and healthy except I have to see my Chiropractor every few months to strengthen my back where it’s weakest due to that first operation in Quebec in 1941.

The acceptance of vaccination by our Allopathic Medical doctors to whom society has unconditionally given its power since the 1870s when it was in competition with two other medical groups at the time, is deeply concerning. It has been suggested it high jacked the proceedings in the 1870s from the other two – another story - and who in turn have now been high jacked by the Pharmaceutical Industry in these more recent years, whose whole focus is on Cure using ITS ‘cures’ of course – rather than looking for the Causes of so much illness in our North American societies. If you find the cause of something then you know where to start and to deal with it. However, not very profitable for Pharma which is why their focus is always on cure. Sadly, we have been blinded.

As I’ve said so often North Americans are the sickest in the world bar none and no recognised authority is asking - Why?! First the quality of our food – or lack of it. Second, vaccination which has over the last few generations since it started caused immense damage to our Immune systems. It has made succeeding generations who inherit the previous generation’s weakened immune system more vulnerable to sicknesses of all sorts. Many of us out here know this but then what doctorates do we have or who would listen to us? I leave it with you. It’s time we woke up and truly questioned what we have blindly accepted – and yes Dr. Macdonald, that includes you! You are certainly no dummy, but like so many in your profession have been blinded and blundered into accepting vaccination as a cure-all, when in fact it is the real underlying cause of so much suffering. Believe it! 

Michael Brine.    

This is the article that Michael sited in his article that created the backlash of critism:


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