Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Flower Song - Ancient Mayan Poetry From The Yucatan


The most alluring moon
has risen over the forest;
it is going to burn
suspended in the center
of the sky to lighten
all the earth, all the woods,
shining its light on all.
Sweetly comes the air and the perfume.
Happiness permeates all good men.

We have arrived inside the woods
where no one will see what we have
come here to do.

We have brought plumeria flowers,
chucum blossoms, dog jasmines;
we have the copal,
the low cane vine,
the land tortoise shell,
new quartz, chalk and cotton thread;
the new chocolate cup,
the large fine flint,
the new weight,
the new needle work,
gifts of turkeys, new leather,
all new, even our hair bands,
they touch us with nectar
of the roaring conch shell
of the ancients.

Already, already
we are in the heart of the woods,
at the edge of the pool in the stone
to await the rising
of the lovely smoking star
over the forest.
Take off your clothes,
let down your hair,
become as you were
when you arrived here on earth,
virgins, maidens.


X ciih x ciichpan u
tz’ u likil yook kaax;
tu bin u hopbal
tu chumuc can caan
tux cu ch’uuytal u zazicunz
yookol cab tu lacal kaax
chen cici u tal iik u utz’ben booc.
U tz’ u kuchul
chumuc caan
chen zact’in cab u zazilil
yook tu lacal baal.
yan cimac olil ti tu lacal malob uinic.
Tz’ooc cohol tu ichil u naak kaax
tuux maixi mac men max
hel u y ilconeil leil
baax c’taal c’beet.
T tazah lol nicte,
u lol chucum, u lol u tz’tul,
u lol x milah;
t tazah pom,
h ziit,
beyxan x coc box,
beyxan tumben hiib took yete tumben
kuch tumben luch,
bolnm yaax took,
bumben peetz’ilil,
bumben xoot,
beyxan n can x ulum tumben xanab,
bu lacal tumben lail xam u kaxil c’hool,
b tial c pooc niicte ha
beyxan c hoop zahub
bey u x kiliiz.
Tz’oci, tz’oci
t yan on tu tz’u kaax,
tu chi noh haltun
utial c’paat u hokol
x ciichpan buutz’ ek
yookol kaax.
Pitah nookeex
luuz u kaxil a holex
ba teneex
hee cohiceex uay yokol cabile
x zuhuyex x chupalelex hel u. 



Pam Bickell said...

Wow, Mike! This poem seems to tie in with M. Brine's recent UFO email from Japan. Very interesting.
Thanks for finding and sharing this.

Stranger in a Strange Land said...

Hello Pam:

You are most welcome. I'm glad that you enjoyed reading this beautiful poem.

Kindest & warmest regards,