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Are Boys Turning in to Girls Because of Synthetic Chemicals? by Dak



Are Boys Turning in to Girls Because of Synthetic Chemicals?

by Dak ,  Veracity Voice     April 2, 2012

Cases of accelerated puberty in young girls and the “transgender” phenomenon are occurring with increasing frequency.

Recently we are seeing accelerated puberty in young girls, alarming increase in men with extremely low sperm counts and transgender phenomenon growing at alarming pace. Endocrinologists have found out that endocrine disruptor found in common synthetic chemicals like DES, dioxin, PCBs, DDT, plasticizers and in many more chemicals we use daily, which are responsible for these unusual phenomena. Endocrine disruptors get locked into your fatty tissues and cannot be excreted out of our bodies. Because they are insoluble in water, they accumulate within us during our entire life time.

Endocrine disruptors disturb the endocrine glands that release hormones into the bloodstream to control various organs of the body. The endocrine glands include the pituitary, thyroid, adrenal, thymus, pancreas, ovaries, and testicles. Developing fetuses and infants are more vulnerable to endocrine disruption.
In ’50s and ’60s, doctors prescribed a synthetic estrogen called diethylstilbestrol (DES) to pregnant women to prevent miscarriages, which was later found to contain endocrine disruptors. Over five million women were affected by this drug. Miscarriages, spontaneous abortions, premature births, birth defects of the uterus, ovaries, immune system defects, undescended testicles, malformed sperm in boys, chronic depression and other psychiatric disorders were reported. Use of estrogen has caused breast cancer in some women.

A study done in the Potomac River in 2000 found 80 percent of the male fish collected had become feminized and their sex organs were not producing sperm. Scientists suspected that pollution in the river must have had something to do with it. Scientists have proved that the large pesticide spill in lake Apopka, Florida was responsible for declining alligator population. Investigations revealed endocrine disruptors in bodies and eggs of alligators. A similar type of spill also happened in the Great Lakes area but this time it was polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs). Birds preying on fish in this area have shown similar dysfunctions. People who consumed fish from this lake had thyroid problems. Offspring of fish-eating mothers in this area weighed less at birth with smaller heads and they scored lower in IQ tests.

Plastic bottles commonly used to store water and beverages contained substances known as phthalates which is considered to be a potent endocrine disruptor. These chemicals can leach into the beverage, particularly when the bottle is subjected to heat, or when the beverage is acidic. Viinclozolin fungicide used on fruit blocked testosterone signals in males. Animals exposed to bisphenol-A and other phthalates have became hyper and agitated. This endocrine disruptor could irreversibly retard brain development.

With little government control over chemical manufacturers, let us follow simple precautions to save our next generation:

  • Educate yourself, your family and friends about endocrine disruptors.
  • Use organic pesticides and fertilizers.
  • Do not give young children soft plastic teether or toys.
  • Buy organic food whenever possible.
  • Do not store fatty foods or water in plastic containers. Use glass article were ever possible.
  • It is better to use natural estrogen replacement for men who require hormone replacement therapy.

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Magnus said...

In addition - stop consuming all these soy products in US (which even more hazardous is mostly GMO). That is hazardous to boys testosterone levels - go to your local farmer and get some fresh milk instead... Even if your allergic to lactose - most people don't get any symptoms if consuming fresh milk directly from the farmer...