Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Words of Encouragement - Have No Fear Of What Is To Come

7 November, 2011 Message:  Have No Fear Of What Is To Come.

Have no fear of what is to come.  For, the night is dark, but with the dawn comes a new light that refreshes and enlivens and reminds you once again of your own true inner nature as well as the true nature of all within human form.

We say to each of you. To weary not, to not be deceived, but to be certain, to be sure and to have a confidence again.

We know these days have been hard on you as your longings grow.  Your longings for a better way of living within your human communities.

The call has gone out and Love has returned, though you see it not.  Yes, love of self and love of Man and Woman.  Love of your Lands and love of each other.

This is the Love that we speak of this day.  This is the Love that arrives with the dawning of a new age.

Trust in your own inherent strength and abilities.  Trust in your Self and not ego self.  Trust in the coming of a new age in which Mankind again flourishes upon your planet.

The end of slavery is nearing.  The ending of the dark ages.  A new Light arrives, a new way of being together in human community.

Once again, Man and Woman responsible for each other and respectful of their home, this Earth.  There is non other for humankind.

Your Lands, your world, yours is the responsibility to nurture and to grow.

M.N. Hopkins


✾ ✿ FRANCE ❀ said...

Bonjour et merci de ta visite je n'arrive pas à faire marcher la traduction donc je te souhaite une belle journée bye

Stranger in a Strange Land said...

Merci beaucoup et même à vous.


Pam B said...

This is so encouraging, Mike. May I post it at Notes?

Stranger in a Strange Land said...

Hello Pam:

Yes, you may use it however you wish.

Thanks for your kind words,

Magnus said...

I find this words of the coming times very beautiful. As long as I stay in my heart, I have no fear of what might be or might happen. So (what I think) as long as we continue to be in our hearts, there will be no fear. (And maybe dont forget to do some grounding earth things ;-) ;-) do some physical activity, do cooking or other household and gardeing things and maybe watch some funny movies or books. Balance is what bring us to earth and laughter.

Thanks for sharing this message Mike :-)

Marilyn Recio said...

Beautiful! Thanks for sharing. I"ll stop by soon!


Stranger in a Strange Land said...

Hello Magnus:

Yes, indeed.

Take care,

Stranger in a Strange Land said...

Hello Marilyn:

Thanks so much for your kind words and for stopping by.

Take care,

Mathew Naismith said...

Well conversed Mike, all conscious expressions are indeed worthy even the one's that are destructive at times, face them with love in your heart and all will be fine.

Stranger in a Strange Land said...

Thanks Matt.