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Guest Post: Global Warming Debate And The Native Americans - Part 2 by Tom Mills

One of the Wupatki Ruins North of Flagstaff and there directional markers (Ball Courts).  Windows line up with the winter and summer solstice.
Global Warming Debate And The Native Americans - Part 2 by Tom Mills 

As we debate if global warming is real, what caused it, and who’s to blame, Mother Earth is not waiting for an answer.  I believe she is starting to wobble.

Figure 1
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If you placed a marker on the exact North Pole and then marked its location in space, the mark would give you the circular figures you see on figure 1.  From January of 2010 until February 2011 the earths North Pole formed a near perfect circle.  After April 2011 the circle began to tighten and around September 2011 the pole began to rock back and forth, if I am interpreting this correctly. 

On September 15, 2011 we had three 6.0 or greater earthquakes, all at the same time, located in Japan, New Zealand, and Cuba:  and my question would be, did the earthquakes cause the earth to move in its orbit or did the earths orbit change and cause the earthquakes?  Based on the lessons I have learned from the Hopi Indians, I think the earth tweaked as it changed its orbit and that is what caused the earthquakes. 

So, why did the earth tweak?  Scientist say (Peter Clark Oregon State University in his report to the journal Science)  “when the ice is removed (from the poles), it appears the underlying land would rebound, and the earth’s axis of rotation defined by the North and South Pole would actually shift about one-third of a mile, also affecting the sea level at various points.”

My Hopi friends say that the Creator told them, “I have planned for the day when man forgets his purpose and goes against My laws.  I have reserved the water, in the form of ice and snow, for My own use as a weapon for punishment to be applied when mankind gets out of control.  This will be a Judgment Day.  Mankind will no longer deserve to live on this land which I made for him.  Afterward, I will regenerate the Earth.”  Page 516 Dan Evehema, Hotevilla 1993. 

This is not the first time the poles have melted and the earth has shifted according to Hopi history.  In fact the Hopi believe that the current time we are living in, is the forth time, so the poles have melted in regular intervals at three previous times.  Charles Hapgood in his book, Path of the Poles, with a forward by Albert Einstein, thinks that the poles have been in four different locations in the past 100,000 years.   

If this was the case then many of the ancient structures (Stonehenge, The Avenue of the Dead, The Mayan Temples, Baalbek, Tiahuanaco, Angkor Wat in Cambodia, etc) built in the past should be lined up with the different pole locations:  and therefore give proof to this theory.  This could also be the reason that these structures are such a mystery to us, they don’t line up with north, south, east or west or any solstice or star at this time.

Yesterday there were floods in Thailand, droughts in Texas, and record snow falls on the east coast.  Weather patterns and season are changing, moisture from the melting poles is changing our world, the lose of weight on the polar region is starting to effect the earths orbit, the earth is starting to wobble, and still we argue if global warming is real.

So in the end, I do not think it will matter if global warming was caused by man or mother nature, we are all going to pay if we don’t start looking for solutions to stop the  polar ice caps from melting.  

Thomas O. Mills

Author:  The Book of Truth A New Perspective on the Hopi Creation Story
              Stonehenge, If This Was East.

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