Saturday, November 5, 2011

Politicians Are Just Like Us - A Guest Post by Michael Brine.

Humanity United

The whole world is in an ever increasing mess as you are only too well aware. On the local political scene it is all part of the competitive conditioning of our societies.  Add to that the growing population pressures across the world - less felt perhaps here in Canada - but we do feel the ever increasing unraveling of other societies overseas. This unleashed frustration demonstrated by these 99 %ers is just a further indication of this escalating unhappiness and frustration.

Our politicians are just other us's who are locked into this competitive mold of conditioning, as we all are. They are just more visible by the public nature of their job - perhaps even more so simply because of that.

I think the ever increasing unravelling of our collective past ways of living and interacting with each other within this competitive mind mould way we have been raised in, is coming to a head. Once the shit hits the proverbial fan, metaphorically speaking, and the ensuing chaos that will result - indeed what we are already witnessing - it will bring us to our collective knees across the globe.  From that will eventually emerge a new beginning, as we look over our dying global corpse and shake our heads and say:  "Never again. Rulers have divided us.  Religions have divided us.  Let us learn from this bloodshed and ask for our collective forgiveness from each other - for we are all in this together." 

You cannot build a new building on a rotten foundation.  Nor the 'Blame Game' raise us from the dead - only sadness and a deeper understanding that we are in fact all the same - or as some would say, "All are one - You are me and I am but a reflection of you".  Then holding hands walk away - and never look back as a fresh breeze begins to gently ruffle us and the embers and fumes of the past desolation subside into the mists of time but never to be forgotten." 

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