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The Real Meaning For The Satellite Pyramids And The Sphinx by Tom Mills

This is Tom Mills third guest blog here on my blog dealing with the subject of the Hopi Creation story.  As aways, I am honored and grateful that he has chosen to share his knowledge and theories that are based on his living amongst the Hopi for many years.   If you have any questions or would like to contact Tom, please use the e-mail address at the bottom of this text.

The Real Meaning For The Satellite Pyramids And The Sphinx Based On The Hopi Creation Story

There are many myths and theories about the seven satellite pyramids that are in front of, and on the right side of, the pyramid complex at Giza.  They were named after Egyptian queens, but no inscriptions, murals, or tombs, were ever found in or on any of them.   Nothing that refers to a queen or a pharaoh, so no one really has a good idea what they were really used for or what to call them.  

 Based on the Hopi Creation Story, I think this might be true.  Figure 1.    

The Hopi Creation Story begins by saying that the Creator formulated a plan when He found Earth.  He instructed His Nephew to put this plan on Earth or build it here on the ground for future reference for Himself and for all of us to see.  The Creator told his Nephew that he wanted one for himself, one for the Nephew, and he would come back seven times to correct any problems.  He counted his first trip through endless space as the first stage or the beginning of his count, so it became, one for the Creator and six for the worlds to come. 

The Hopi believe that this is the fourth time the Creator has had to come back and re-populate the Earth.  They believe the first world was destroyed by fire, the second by ice, and the third by a great flood.  Each time the Creator has had to come back and save the chosen few who followed his teachings and had a pure heart to start the new cycle of life all over again.   Figure 2.

Creator's Plan

 The Creators pyramid (the largest pyramid at the complex) is on the left side of the illustration.  He has three satellite pyramids in front of his pyramid for the three worlds he has left to create.

The Nephews pyramid is in the center (exact center of our land masses, and lined up North, South, East, and West) and has a small marker to indicate where south would be located. 

The past three worlds are located on the right side of the largest satellite pyramid marking our present location in the Creator’s plan.  The causeway in front of this pyramid marks the Equinox which occurs twice a year (once on March 20 and then again on September 21 or 22) when the earth axis is straight up, not pointing towards the sun or away from the sun and therefore the day is split equally into two equal halves, or half daylight and half darkness, our perfect balance.

It is my thought, that the satellite pyramids have been moved to their present location after each new world or time was created.  If I am correct, there should be evidence or ruins where the satellite pyramids were located on this path.  Refer to Figure 1..


I have place the Hopi Ceremonial Cycle on top of the Pyramid Complex, Figure 3. The cycle begins on the Winter Solstice, December 21st.  This is the time of new beginnings, new initiates, the start of new cycles.  This is also the time that the Aztec and Mayan calendar prophecies that we will be entering a new world or time and leaving an old one.

The circle is divided into twelve equal parts as this is the division indicated by the astronomical ceiling of Dendera and the location of the twelve constellations that were charted when the great pyramid was at its halfway point of its construction.  This was the first representation of the constellations and they were created using the grand gallery as an observatory (refer Tompkins, Secrets of the Great Pyramid, page 152) with six constellations on one side of a circle and six constellations on the other, Figure 4.    The base of the pyramid provided a solid platform and the grand gallery formed the perfect observatory to chart the constellations in the night sky.  Figure 4.  



For that reason, I do not believe we entered the age of Aquarius on December 31st, 2000 by our calendar.  I think we will enter the age of Aquarius on December 21st, 2012 by the Creators calendar.  

The Sphinx is the Creator’s timepiece or mark he left here on earth where we should make our calculations on the day of the equinox.   The constellations rotate past this location one degree every seventy-two years because of the precession of the equinoxes and provides a very accurate measurement of Earth’s location in space into the future and back into the past along the line of the constellations and is probably the reason the Creator charted the constellations.

As I have said, the Hopi believe that this is the fourth time the Creator has tried to populate the planet.  If this was the case, then Gemini would be the first, the twins, Taurus the second, Aries the third, Pisces the fourth, and we would be entering the Age of Aquarius.       

When I look at the complex with this in mind, I see the pyramid that represents our present location half-way between the fourth and fifth world in the Creator’s plan.    

Thomas O. Mills

Author:  The Book of Truth A New Perspective on the Hopi Creation Story
              and  Stonehenge, If This Was East    


Pam Bickell said...

Wow, is this interesting, or what? Great article from Tom. So, we may be only halfway thru this fourth world? Did I understand that right? Thanks, Mike.

Stranger in a Strange Land said...

Hello Pam:

Best to contact Tom direct. He's the expert on these cycles. I believe that the 5th world will begin in December, 2012 according to Tom.

Thanks for your comment,
Mike said...

I thought that the Great Pyramid was built using water locks and that it was built to be a water pump.