Tuesday, August 30, 2011

No Longer Disconnected - My Original Contribution To Inspirational August

Domen in Sweden by   Jan Ainali

August 28, 2011 Message

It is words that you ask for and it is words that you shall receive.  Not the words of Man, but the words of Spirit.  Words that caress and touch to the heart.  That lead one from ego concentration to inner comtemplation and connection to what many in your world call, the Soul, the Higher Self, the Collective Unconscious, the Oversoul or Super Ego.  We just call this your Self.

Nothing more, nothing less than yourSelf.  So, now we come to Self direction rather than being directed by one's ego needs and wants.

Now, once connected to yourSelf, you are automatically and simutaneously connected to the Divine.  The Mother and the Father which you came from and from which you will return to again one day.

No longer disconnected or confused by your fears.  No longer mis-informed, mis-educated, mis-lead away from both Nature and your Self.

Now you are free from sin.  For sin is that taken from outside yourself, nothing more, nothing less.  It has tainted and colored your reality and led you astray.  Yes, we refer to it as an it, being neither of your humanity or of the Divine.  A collective nightmare, a collective fear, a collective non-reality imposed upon you from outside yourself while you were distracted and lead away from the reality of a Self living within a human form.

Loneliness is a by product or side effect of this disconnection.  For there is no reason to be alone or feel alone when you connect again to Nature and to the Divine.  A magnitude of helpers are there to guide you and show you a better way of living.

This was the way in the time of the Monoliths and before.  Man was alive and connected strongly to the Earth, which in turn helped him connect to other realms as well as the Divine.  Man was grateful for the fruits of the Earth as well as for the fruits of the Spirit.

Man had an intelligence and farsight only dreamed of today, not yet actualized within your present day physical reality.

For the Preists of old taught Man to fear Nature and to fear your natural abilities as a way to deceive and to take control of the direction mankind would take in future generations.

This fear was taught and is not a part of you or natural to your humanity.  It is as a drug or a hypnotic spell placed near your consciousness telling you over and over again that you need to be told by others what is best for your being.  It cannot enter into your consciousness, for this will not be allowed by Self, but it can be placed near enough to be heard by your ego which lives in a state of fear while wishing  itself a God, knowing that it is dependent upon it's human or more truthfully stated, it's more than human Host while within human form.

This ego is vulnerable since it is a filter, a receiver, or a translator between the body and the Host.  These Preists in their weakness understood this and figured a way to influence others through word and image.  False images were creatred to lead Man astray, away from the wise and loving consul of the Earth Mother and the Heavenly Father.

This was allowed due to the gift of free will and due to the love of the Parents.  Their view is a long one and Their wish is for Man to develop in the gifts of Spirit and take their rightful places upon the true throne, that place that you call, the human heart.

Yes, your heart, not just a physiological organ, but a great hall, a place of meeting, a place of justice and generousity.  The meeting place of Heaven and Earth.  The Central Station where Heaven and Earth meet and love is born.  A love of both the natural world of Mankind as well as the realm of the Divine.

Once Man could at will open the veil between realms and refresh and enliven not just his or her human body, but the body of human community.  Man at that time lived for thousasnds of years if he or she so wished or could stay a short while if this beeter suited his or her goals.

These Preists of Dark Determination taught limitation, fear, greed, lust, guilt and jealousy.  Disease was created as was a number of other illnesses to dull the senses and bring Mankind into a state of forgetfulness.

This tradition continues today and has been allowed since Mankind was given this place called Earth as an experiment.  One could say, that the experiement didn't go as expected, yet this is the short answer.  The long answer is that time has yet to run out for Man and Mankind's destiny is still within It's own hands.

An antidote will soon be found to this sickness or illness of Man and Mankind will gently awaken again to it's true nature and potential and pick up again where delayed and distracted at the places of stone.

Now, those places will awaken and future and past will meet again and Man will remember his glory of old as well as remember his future glory.  Past and future will come together for the betterment of today.  It is today or in the Now that is the starting point as well as the ending point. 

The circle will be completed and Man again will know the Truth of their being here on planet Earth. 

No need to look outside of life.  For all is within the circle as all is within the heart of Man.  Take refuge in the heart and sing with joy this day.

©  M. N. Hopkins


Anonymous said...

Beautiful Mike and full of the wisdom of the Heart.

Thank you.

Pam Bickell said...

Very inspirational, Mike. Thank you.

Stranger in a Strange Land said...

Hello Pam:

Thanks for your kind words.


Billy Joe said...


Glad you felt the need to write. We must break away from worn-out ways of thinking.


Stranger in a Strange Land said...

Hello Billy Joe:

Yes, you are right. We often ride off the past and neglect our own creative abilities.

We must honor the past and take inspiration from there or the future if your mind is free enough to remember the future, but we should add to what was created and continue the efforts taken toward freedom alive.

When you look at the work of all Prophets or Visionaries, they came to free us from our own limitations and show us a way to something better, but it is we who must do the work of creating our human communities. Nature takes care of itself if left alone.

Kind regards and thanks for your comment,

Aragorn said...

Wise lines and meaningful truth in each word. I hope that day is sooner to come to Earth.