Monday, August 1, 2011

Leaves Of Morya's Garden - The Call

This is a free online edition of The Leaves Of Morya's Garden - The Call which was written in 1924 and published by the Agni Yoga Society, Inc. of New York, NY.  If you wish to contact them for a hard copy of this book in English, Russian, Latvian, Bulgarian, Greek, Italian, Portugese, Dutch, French or German, please contact them at the link given below:

    I am — your Bliss
    I am — your Smile
    I am — your Joy
    I am — your Rest
    I am — your Strength
    I am — your Valor
    I am — your Wisdom

I have read Leaves Of Morya's Garden I & II, Heart, and The New Era Community.  I can and will highly recommend them all.   Here is the link to the full text of the first book of the online series:

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