Saturday, October 30, 2010

Swedish Parliament - Serving The Greed

Is there such a concept as Conflict of Interest in Swedish Society?

It was reported in Swedish TV News a few days ago that many members of the Swedish Parliament sit upon the Board of Directors for Private Companies while at the same time being paid for 7 days, 24 hours of work that is paid for by Swedish Taxpayers to work on their behalf.  This investigation by Swedish TV was based on statistics from May, 2010.  I suppose they work during their toilet, lunch or coffee breaks.  I know for a fact that I have never been allowed to work for another or run my own business while on the clock.  This report also shows how open corruption has become so commonplace in Sweden.  I believe I have heard more than one Swede saying that Sweden is moving toward becoming a Banana Republic.  I believe that perhaps Sweden has already arrived.

Now to get to the facts as reported.  The News service reported that a third are working on Boards, although my figure is 35 %.  It turns out that 125 out of 349 Parliamentarians were double dipping or moonlighting as Board members while serving in the Riksdag (Swedish word for Parliament).  I wish that I could also work full time while being allowed to work another job without any decrease in my salary.  I suppose that Politicians are above the law and don't need to follow common work practices as are common citizens who by the way pay their salaries through taxation.

Now, here is the breakdown of statistics to show the procent of  Politicians who are double dipping.  The leading party called the Moderates has 48 % of their party members sitting on Boards of Corporations.  Perhaps they should change their Party name to the Mobberates which may be closer to the truth.

Next is the Folk Party with 43 % of it's Parliamentarians on the payroll of Big Business.  Perhaps they should consider renaming their party to The Rich Folks Party.

In third place is the Center Party with 38 %.  Perhaps we can rename them the Centered on Making Easy Money Party.

Followng them are the Social Democracts with 33 % enjoying their money paid to buy political influence and change the laws that benefit those of wealth rather than the common citizens.  Perhaps, Corporate Democracts would be a more appropriate title for their party.

Next we have the Christain  Democracts with 25 % Board representation.  I thought that we might refer to them as The Anti-Christ Party to better explain their activities.

The Left Party which was formerly known as the Communist Party had 13 % representation for the Corporate world.  Perhaps they no longer read the Communist Manifesto, but take their inspiration from foreign bussiness consultatants.  I believe an appropriate name for them would be The Corporate Commies.

The last on list is the Environmental or Green Party with 10 % siding with those who more often than not defile the Earth.  Perhaps, Greenback Party would be more honest.

This News Release from SVT just re-enforces my opinion that Sweden has moved from a Socialist State to a Plutocracy and now serves those few of wealth rather than it's citizens.  This move toward privitization is just an outward projection of this move from a social state that sees to the needs of it's citizens to a system in which the Politicians in reality push the agendas of  Corporations who can easily manipulate them due to their corruptibility and greed. 

Please refer to my former blog entry  from September entitled, Sweden- Land of Robin Hood Reversed.

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