Thursday, August 26, 2010

Typical Swedish Politic

The Election to decide which political party will control the Swedish Government is in full swing. Promises are flying through the air, but I don't think that many of them will ever make a landing down to Earth.

The question of rape has been avoided very effectively. The underdog party, the Swedish Democracts who have been demonized to such an extend that it is taboo to even mention their name in public. They have been dubbed the party of Rasists and Right Wing Fanatics by the two biggest parties and the Media. If one would compare them to Conservative Republicans in the States they would be viewed as warm fuzzy liberals, at least in comparison.

Anyhow, back to my story. The Swedish Democrats did their own study to bring out into public just the seriousness of Rapes in Modern Day Swedish Society but concentrated on Immigrant groups in the statistics. This I view as a mistake and something that is totally unnecessary. My view is a rape is a rape is a rape and it is a violent crime and should be punished harshly without pointing fingers at any race groups. All in the society are responsible for allowing rapes to flourish in Sweden and all should be dealt with on an equal basis. This intolerance and fear of politicians toward those who go agains't the party line is the very reason why extremist groups are growing in Sweden as in the rest of Europe.

Anyhow, in their report which was taken from statistics based on Police Records there were 6,000 rapes reported in Sweden in 2009. Only 253 cases ending up being tried in court. The Party studied 114 cases from 2009 and came to the conclusion that 48 % of rapists were foreigners and 39.5 % were of non-European origin. These are code words for Arab and African born immigrants.

So, the Government's damage control was to say through their statistical agency called, Brå that perhaps there are three possible reasons for this increase in rapes over the last few years. First, that a tougher sex crime law was passed in 2005 that defined Rape. Second, Swedish Society's tolerance of Rape has lessened and more victums are going to the Police and pressing charges. Thirdly, perhaps there is a possiblity that there has been an increase in rape in the community. Whatever these Statistic Bureaucracts are paid it's too much in my opinion. I was actually contacted by Brå once to do a survey and I was to be called before a certain date and the results would be published after a certain date and the reality was I was never called and the results were published one full month before the stated date. Like I said earlier but in a different way, Good money on bad...

I also read another news report and Rapes were blamed on an increase in alcohol use. Up 30 % since 1995 and studies have shown that there is a relation between alcohol use and violent crime. Increased internet use was also blamed because people can meet on the Net and hook up very quickly. The Justice Minister of the reigning political party's answer to the Swedish Democracts study was that she wasn't allowed to point fingers at any folk groups. Spoken like a true Politician. Both major political parties have publicly announced that if this imfamous Swedish Democatic Party which must have been forged in Hell were to come to power that neither would work with them and totally freeze them out. Now, children can't we just all get along and work together.

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