Wednesday, August 18, 2010

My definition of fanatic

Being a thoughtful person I often think about subjects in the news or people I have met or any number of subjects of interest. As is my habit often words or a definition automatically comes to my mind.

On one occasion I thought about fanatics and the mental and emotional pain that they must live in to drive them to commit such cruel acts toward their fellow man. The answer came to me so clearly that a fanatic is someone who has stopped learning, evolving, developing intellectually and emotionally. It's as if they have become stuck in one belief or "ism" and are unable to break out of their self imposed prisons. In a way they are mentally and emotionally handicapped, thus no longer learning the life lessons that they came here to learn.

Intense emotions are often part of the healing process and an indication that something is amiss or out of balance in the personally structure. It's a build up before a release of emotion and after that release a healing will occur.

So in a way a fanatic stops the healing process and takes on a terminal illness that will surely in time lead to his or her self destruction.

©  2010    M.N.  Hopkins

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