Saturday, August 28, 2010

Reflection of The Day--Our Children as Mirrors

It's one of those grey clouded and rainy days today.  After hearing a story about a friend's relationship with her daughter, I had this reflection.

Now to explain:  A friend of mine has a lovely daughter.  Very strong, intelligent, independent, and head strong.  A nice way of saying stuborn or hard headed.  Anyhow, this child manages to get herself into some predicaments in her everyday living.  When I was told of the latest drama in my mind I thought what a mature and responsible young lady and that she acted in a  kind and wise manner, yet her Teacher, School Counselor, and Parents caught up in this drama might think otherwise. In my mind I thought she did exactly as any responsible member of the community should do within a similar situation and that I wish our shared world had more people in it like her.

Her mother is the same exact type of person.  They are like two peas in a pod or one might say, cut of the same cloth.  She is a person that I greatly respect and admire also.  Now, the mother gets to stand by her daughter and give her the help and support that she never had herself as a child.  The mother gets a second chance to right the wrongs done agains't her during her younger years and perhaps develop a more mature or wiser perspective on why the reactions were as they were.

Now, for my reflection.  Isn't it lovely or beautiful how the Universe, Life, Good, or what one might even call God gives to us such children who act as a mirror for us to see both our shortcomings and those characteristics or personality traits that might make one proud of oneself and one's accomplishments in this world of ours.

© 2010  M.N. Hopkins

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