Friday, February 21, 2020

Have Faith And Stay The Course ‒ A Quotation by M.N. Hopkins

Have faith and stay the course.

Be not discouraged and undermined by feelings that are not of your own making.

Rise above the mire and see with the eyes of the eagle how ego has deceived and led you astray from your intended paths.

That path is to love and be loved.

  2011   M.N. Hopkins  

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Anonymous said...

How can I have faith and stay the course when evil rules this fucking miserable planet? I'm sick of people being blind and unable to see the evil near them, and how these evil doers with fake smiling faces hoodwinked the entire world and are doing all their evil work destroying the Western civilisation. I'm so sick of them. I longs to wage war, take up my swords and hunt them all down, one by one, destroying all evil doers forever. For God's sake, how do I be young and strong so I can rid the world of these evil sick rot?

Stranger in a Strange Land said...

Get used to it. The world is made up of much good & evil. Find your balance. Angry will eat you up inside. Try your best. Not easy. I wish you well. Be civil but take no shit.

Kind regards,