Tuesday, August 27, 2019

Until Selfvation - A Poem by M.N. Hopkins

Until Selfvation

We suffer, need illusions

See clearly, be free

©  2019   M.N. Hopkins

Note:    I took the liberty to create a new word, "Selfvation"  which would be defined as going directly to our Soul for guidance and liberation.  No need for outside teachers, gurus or advisors.   Our own Soul which I believe to be the link between God and ourselves is the deliverer or liberator rather than some outside savior thus going directly to the Source and cutting out the middleman.   I am not saying to not be inspired by the wisdom of Saints and Prophets but to use their words as they were intended to be used to inspire and motivate you to do the hard work of liberation and enlightenment that is your responsibility and that in reality, only you can do.

This poem was inspired, written and published  for the first time in the haiku style of poetry on my blog today, the 27th of August 2019.

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Mathew Naismith said...

Yer, the ego seems to put teachers/Gurus on a higher level than ourselves. Yes, be guided by others but in the absence of saviors for we are always our own saviors.

Our environment is suppose to be our guide and teacher, for it is who we are if we like it or not.

Be honest and wise,

Magnus said...

Really nice poem! I like the message!

Kindest regards