Saturday, August 10, 2019

There Will Be One Day - A Poem & Guest Post by Magnus Ericcson

There is many ways humans
can write and try to debate and 
describe our true identity
But instead I say:
There will be one day that you will laugh, 
with joy and love in your heart at the fact
that you actually one day did chose to 
believe that you were not a part of God
A day when you thought that you consisted
of darkness, pain, misery and confusion.
And did forget that
You Are God. A loving God. 
A vibration purely consisting of
divine love, joy and happiness
And your inner pain and misery
will stop that day you will understand, 
or rather know that it is your
true identity.
And hopefully you will realize this
before you leave this planet

© 2019  Magnus Ericsson

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