Monday, November 23, 2015

Within Us All Lie The SeedsTo Our.........A Discourse by M.N. Hopkins

Within us all lie the seeds to our destruction, but also within each heart, lie the seeds to one's reconstruction as a human being-from one driven by fear to one driven by love. 

It is each persons responsibility to live in a way that nurtures and supports the good within. It takes effort to weed a garden, so the plants grow healthy and strong.

There are no techniques or devices or systems that will lead one to one's deliverance from human suffering. This has been a misunderstanding for many thousands of years. 

Only through right action will one evolve into a true human being. Change one's behavior by living in a way that enriches and supports a healthy body, mind, and spirit.

Be responsible and part of the human community and have no concern for all the false ones who teach fear and lack of concern for their fellow humans. Live by example. Give your love freely. For, in freedom is grown a loving and kind heart.

Do not despair for yourself or others. You will have just what you need, just when you need it. All future events cannot and will not be revealed. It is best just to accept what life has to offer to you and join with the Creator in creating a world that is better suited for kind hearted, loving human beings. 

For as long as the dishonest and hate filled ones rule, life in this world will always be filled with sadness and disappointment.

© M.N. Hopkins


Magnus said...

Thank you for this discourse!
I have stumbled upon some messages on the internet, but I can't say I get the same beautiful feeling about the message as with yours

Kindest regards

Stranger in a Strange Land said...

You are very welcome Magnus and thanks for your kind words.

Kindest & warmest regards,

Anonymous said...

Yes, this one of yours is certainly clear and well presented. Good one.

Cheers All - Love, Daddy Mike! :)

Stranger in a Strange Land said...

You are welcome Big Daddy. .)


MOGIE said...

You sure have wisdom, I must say:)) I wished I were that good of a writer... It's too bad that most of us, don't ever realize that yet.

Stranger in a Strange Land said...

Thanks Joey

Kind regards,