Sunday, November 22, 2015

Dear Little Ariella - Another Child Sacrificed On the Altar Of Bad Medicine


Written by her mama "This is Ariella, my Daughter. She was born perfectly healthy. She is now fighting for her life because of the damage vaccines did over a year ago.

At 4 months old she was rolling over, pulling herself up and sitting up until she fell over after a few minutes. Lol. She was grabbing for everything. Lol. Always smiling and happy said "hi" or at least it sounded like it. Lol. Our baby was perfect.

On 07/08/14 when we took our baby girl to her 4 month wellness checkup, she received 6 vaccines: Dtap, HepB, IPV, PCV, HiB, and Rotavirus. Within the hour her reaction started; screaming horribly, throwing head backwards almost touching bottom, loss of muscle use, loss of emotions, spasms we later found out are seizures, Clinching of fists, etc. Her doctors said it is all normal no matter what I asked them or said.

After two months of begging her doctor for answers we seen a new pediatrician at her 6 month check up. Within a few seconds the new pediatrician found that my daughters fontanelle (soft spot) closed completely prematurely. We rushed her to the hospital only to find that our daughters brain not only stopped growing completely at 4 months old but also shrank in size. Her brain and spinal stem are also full of cysts from toxin and metal build up.

The saddest part, is our daughter is a "lucky" one. Many children pass away from the vaccines they received.

We are their voice, help us spread the word so we can put an end to this evil medical mafia - Raquel Donate Victor Talha


Unknown said...

So sad.

Stranger in a Strange Land said...

Yes, very sad that these events happen and those who are to "first do no harm" are allowing this to happen out of fear of persecution from the AMA and their boss, Big Pharma.

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