Friday, May 8, 2015

Why Scientists Are Worried About the GMO Apple and Potato

Hello All:

IRT needs you! Now is the time to educate people about the GMO apple and potato. Please share the following with your local groups and networks. You have the power to influence people and keep these newly approved foods out of the market! Thank you for all you do! 
1. Share IRT’s Petition to food companies:
Tell food companies you say NO to the GMO apple and potato! Download the petition: to take part and start making your community store safer to shop at today!
Meme for social media:
2. Share IRT’s video on the GMO apple and potato:
3. Share Jeffrey’s article on the GMO apple and potato:
4. FREE Screening of Genetic Roulette, tell all your friends who have not seen it yet: 

Watch the award winning Genetic Roulette - the ultimate source on GMOs – for FREE. For a limited time only
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