Thursday, May 21, 2015

The Whole Foundation Of Genetics Turns Out To Be Wrong......says Ignacio Chapela

The Zealots of Genetic Engineering: “[Biotech] Scientists are like priests. This is being pushed as an ideology,” says Ignacio Chapela, Microbial Ecologist and Mycologist, University of California, Berkeley. Initially, he said scientists were excited about the possibility of “mixing and matching” traits in different species. “Some said let’s find the genes for wings and put them in pigs so they could fly,” he said. “The whole foundation of genetics turns out to be wrong. Eye color is not determined by a single gene. DNA is not a master molecule. We have the benefit of 40 years [of GMO failure] and should liberate ourselves from the central dogma. How many [GMO] traits have they developed? Two after 40 years.” The fact that the central dogma is wrong is not publicized. “You don’t hear much about it,” Chapela said. “The reporters don’t write about it.” Instead he says researchers are told: “Thou shalt not ask any further. This is what we are teaching students today.” Further, he said genetic engineering became a technology to make money for biotechnology companies, which he said “should be remembered as some of the worst actors in history.”

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