Thursday, May 21, 2015

The Silencing Of University Of Hawaii's Hector Valenzuela By Use Of Corporate Funding?

University of Hawai'i Professor Hector Valenzuela has been harassed, insulted, humiliated and silenced by the University for questioning chemically intensive agriculture and the science behind GMOs and for supporting organic, sustainable agriculture. In public, or in private emails, Valenzuela says that his superiors called him a “jihadist,” a “liar,” “worthless,” and, as in an email from a university administrator, a “nutjob.” Valenzuela said he was the only member in his department who wanted the university to teach “farmers how to sustain crops without having to rely on chemicals, rather than genetic modification.” As a result, he said, he “was not allowed to interact with farmers, members of the public, and undergraduate students who had questions about agricultural sustainability and about the science behind crop biotechnology.” Professor Valenzuela's organic farming research project was shut down. Why would a public university restrict legitimate research into a less toxic method of growing food crops? Could it be the Monsanto money? $620,000 of donations to the University in just over a year.

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