Thursday, February 5, 2015

Six Years After Cervarix My Life is Still Not Normal by Barbara Koci Novy Jicin

Six years after Cervarix my life is still not normal

by Barbora Koci, Novy Jicin
Czech Republic

Sane Vax Inc.,   23 January 2015

My grandma had cervical cancer when she was 50. She is 83 years old now. This was the main reason why I decided to have this vaccine called Cervarix. I believed it would protect me from this unpleasant disease.
I paid for it privately. I was 16 at the time of the first inoculation. I had all three shots. A month later I became very ill. It seemed that my immune system was giving up. It all started as flu like symptoms.
Three days later I developed high fever of about 41-42 C (over 105F). Well, this is what the thermometer showed. I was losing consciousness at times. I was transported to hospital by my friends.
I spent 14 days in that hospital. They found absolutely nothing wrong with me apart from high fever. Two weeks after my discharge from hospital I fell ill again. I am being constantly ill since.
It takes much longer to recover from illnesses since the vaccination. I started having problems with my bladder and suffered from recurrent infections. I believe the doctors did not treat my condition properly and my kidneys became infected too.
I ended up in hospital again aged 19 and antibiotics did not work. They started me on a drip with very strong antibiotics and this time the treatment worked even though I was suffering a lot.
Two weeks after admitting me into hospital the doctors informed me that my left kidney had been damaged and its function decreased significantly. I have regular check-ups every six months to check on the function of my kidneys.
My immune system has been compromised and I get ill more frequently than before. When I get ill it takes a lot longer to recover. I also suffer from strong backaches due to the problems with my kidneys.
It has been six years since I had the HPV vaccine and I wonder whether it will ever protect me from what it was meant to.

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