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Kid Against Chemo: 17-year-old is kicking cancer naturally by Alisha “Bee” Forrester Scott

Jared Diaciik

Kid Against Chemo: 17-year-old is kicking cancer naturally

By Alisha “Bee” Forrester Scott

Green Living AZ,  February 2015 

Meet Jared, a immunosuppressed teenager from northern Arizona. He received a heart transplant at five months old. He is a bright young man with many close friends. But you will not find Jared in school this year. On July 22, 2014, doctors discovered that his chest had been consumed with Stage 4 Hodgkin’s lymphoma.
Prior to Jared’s diagnosis, his mother Lisa had contracted an unknown health condition that caused her to bleed through her skin. Nothing her doctors prescribed helped. Lisa was told that her condition was permanent, and that nothing could be done. Desperate for healing and pain relief, she was turned on to the concept of utilizing food as medicine. Within just a few short months, Lisa had completely healed her condition — the natural way. Perhaps by fate, Jared saw firsthand the benefits of holistic nutrition, and these observations would later change the trajectory of his own life.
After his diagnosis Jared’s body quickly began to deteriorate. Though he was told he had no chance of recovering, a hospital oncologist recommended chemotherapy, and Jared made the decision to pursue it. However, upon receiving chemotherapy, Jared’s physical and emotional states suffered gravely. He had sores covering the inside and outside of his body, and he was in crippling pain. Lisa remembers how much Jared’s personality changed, as anger became a prominent part of his attitude — a vast difference from the boy she knew he really was.
In his most critical condition, extended family members and friends began to visit Jared and his family to say their last goodbyes, believing that his passing was imminent. But Jared wasn’t about to give up. After his cancer diagnosis, Jared’s family was desperate to learn more about the disease, why it grows stronger and what feeds it. The more research Jared’s family did, the more they were convinced that the cancer treatments and hospital stay were actually making things worse. The intravenous medical fluids and daily foods that Jared was being given in the hospital all contained sugar. Jared recalls the confusion he felt in the hospital, saying, “Why were they giving me sugar when it was shown to feed cancer cells? A pregnant hospital nurse wasn’t even allowed to be near me because my body was radiated. The hospital workers had to wear special equipment just to be around me, and I thought, ‘Why are they putting all this stuff in my body if it is bad for me and dangerous to be around?’”
Jared demanded to leave the hospital, as he felt he was literally being fed what was killing him: sugar. He decided to live out the rest of his life at home in the Verde Valley. Jared’s mother, Lisa, supported her son’s desire to deny further chemo treatment, which she also believed was killing him.
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