Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Professor Olle Johansson on the "Health Effects of Electromagnetic Fields"

Plight of scientists who "stand for truth!" Professor Olle Johansson - "The People's Voice" and the Karolinska Institute's attempt to diminish, banish and silence this humble, caring gentleman and honest, highly respected scientist!

Professor Olle Johansson has lost his laboratory and has been moved to a very small office by officials at the Karolinska Institute. Olle is being called "bad scientist" by his employer, "Karolinska Institute!" He has fought bravely for many years in spite of on-going threats to his livelihood, to be "voice of the people." Persons around-the-world have reached out to Olle for acknowledgement that their ES/EHS symptoms are, in fact, "real." Olle has conducted over 500 related studies, has been "honored guest speaker" at many conferences and has released many interviews and videos.

Roy Beavers posted on Support Prof. Olle Johansson's Wall (6-27-11).
"He is in the tradition of Copernicus and Galileo...... Newton and Jenner
Roy Beavers" 

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