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Gardasil: Reclaiming My Life In Denmark by Anika Hjorth

Gardasil changed our lives
Hjorth Family

Gardasil: Reclaiming my life

By Anika Hjorth

This is the sequel to Gardasil changed my whole life.
I have been in treatment for six weeks now. The first three weeks I only got IV C-vitamin, starting at half dose (25.000 mg). Glutathione was also given IV in half dose to begin with (See protocol here).
September 11th – after 42 days of treatment – 11 IV C-vitamin and 3 IV glutathione
I have listed my symptoms before and after treatment. The treatment continues.
  • Extremely low blood pressure (down to 70/43). Only a few days in the beginning of the treatment, none since that time
  • Nausea. Stopped after 8 treatments with C-vitamin
  • Fluctuating heart rate. A few days in the beginning
  • Burning pain in the body. Still some pain in the legs – but getting better
  • Heartburn. Disappeared after 8 treatments with C-vitamins
  • Pressure in the chest, difficulties breathing – often in the evening/during the night. Had a severe event as the body could not take the high dose of C-vitamin. Then the dose was lowered and the symptom disappeared
  • Short of breath even when doing light exercise. Still a symptom – Is really getting better
  • Disturbance in short-time memory. No problems any longer
  • Pain in the stomach. No problems any longer
  • Lots of pain the legs and the soles of the foot. Still lots of pain
  • Loss of strength in the muscles
  • Heavy pain during menstruation and strong bleeding. Still very painful but reduction of bleeding
  • Disturbance of vision of left eye. Still some disturbance
  • Oppression in the ears. Not any longer
  • Lack of B3, d-vitamin and calcium. Do not know
After startup of treatment I have a better appetite and a stronger desire to live. The bubble I have been living in for 1½ years has disappeared – I have a huge surplus of energy….

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