Friday, June 13, 2014

Sign The Petition To Declare a Moratorium on the Widespread Use of Gardasil in France

Gardasil changed my life.
Marie-Océane Bourguignon

Petition: Declare a Moratorium on the Widespread Use of Gardasil in France

TO: Marisol Touraine, French Social Affairs and Health Minister

Declare a Moratorium on the Widespread Use of Gardasil in France

Petition by Océane BourguignonFrance

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My name is Marie-Océane Bourguignon and I am 18 years old.  I would like to have a life like other girls my age but the Gardasil vaccine has filled my life with suffering.

When I was 15, I received two injections of this vaccine prescribed to prevent cervical cancer.  As a result of this, I suffer with a central nervous system disorder which has left me disabled and plagues my everyday life with fatigue, joint pains and difficulty concentrating.  This makes it very hard for me to continue my studies.  Due to all the adverse effects, I often miss school.

My life is not what it should be for a girl my age.  I can no longer go out with friends during the day or in the evening: I am too exhausted.  The trips to the beach which I used to love (we live near the sea in the Landes region of France) are now over because I can no longer tolerate heat and the sun. 

As a student, I would like to get a part-time or summer job, but my condition makes this impossible.

According to medical examiners, my ailments were caused by the aluminium salts in the Gardasil vaccine.  More and more lawsuits are being filed against the manufacturer of this vaccine in France, an increasing number of doctors are questioning its usefulness and the French health authorities acknowledge that Pap smears are the most effective way to screen for cervical cancer, but the government is still pushing for all young girls to have this vaccine!

We must take action to prevent any more Gardasil victims.  I have therefore launched this petition, backed by French vaccine victim support groups E3M, REVAHB, CNMSE and Amalyste.

We call upon French Minister of Social Affairs Marisol Touraine, to declare a moratorium on the widespread use of this vaccination and to initiate impartial research into its usefulness.

The more signatures we have, the more the government will listen to us and not the pharmaceutical companies.  Please sign and circulate this message.

More information (in French) on

Petition to: Marisol Touraine, French Minister of Social Affairs

Declare a moratorium on the widespread use of the Gardasil vaccine and initiate impartial research into the usefulness of this vaccine.

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Sign the petition (French) here.

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