Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Where There Is Faith, There Is Love - A Poem by M.N.Hopkins

Faith renews

Faith restores

Faith opens the doorway to one's heart

And one's freedom from fear

For where there is faith

There is love,

And where there is love

Fear cannot exist.


Go in faith

And you open a gateway

To a new kind of living.


That many have dreamed about

For countless centuries

© M.N. Hopkins

Note:  This was written by Me in 1998  before I gave a lecture and included it in a series of Inspirational writings that I published in 2002.  I decided to put into into a poetic form and re-publish it today on my blog.  I always liked the message and the flow of the words in this one


Diane AZ said...

Another beautiful and uplifting poem, perfect for your Inspirational August series, which I find very enjoyable!

Anonymous said...

How "simple" the truth is. For some time now I've felt there were only two basic conditions - fear and love. Anger comes from fear and helplessness, which we are seeing in many places today.

Bless you for your consistency and for holding the Frequency..


Anonymous said...

Couldn't agree more Magi.


Pam B said...

Beautiful and inspirational, Mike. Put it up at Notes tonight. :)
Thank you.

Vidyashree Nagaraju said...

Its a beautiful poem :)Love the lines Go in faith
And you open a gateway
To a new kind of living.