Friday, August 30, 2013

Now Will Come Heaven On Earth - A Poem by M.N. Hopkins

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We see as others of our kind

You see as your kind


With a twist

You can touch to the Heavenly Realm


With this comes a price

You pay the price

Of knowing that a realm of beauty exists

In which justice is real

Goodness prevails


Love is the binding force of  our communities

To touch to this alternate reality

To feel alive

Gives one a different perspective

On living


At the same time

Others can only intellectualize the possibility

Never knowing the reality

A difficulty in communication follows

To live in the world of man


Visit at times a world

That humankind may very well call


Compassion grows

Clear seeing occurs

All that was once familiar

All that was comfortable

Now brings only sadness


A sense of loss

This will pass in tine

A realignment will occur

Within you being

That allows for the co-existence

Of both realms within your consciousness

This is not a mass realignment


A very personal and individual one

For others have not done the work 


Paid the price

Of knowing that a better world

A humane world

Is indeed a reality

We support you in your efforts

For others will follow this path

A few at first



A new joy arises

In the hearts of man


Colors the landscapes of your lives

Common sense


Clear seeing

Return to your world

Reason arrives


Love follows

The darkness flies

As the Light from our world enters

Healing occurs


A balance is restored

Upon the Earth

Man is reborn

As the heart awakens

Humanity lost is


Humane-ity found

The pain



Created by man

Will no longer exist


Will come the




Of Spirit


A joy in living


Will come

Heaven on Earth

© 2013  M.N. Hopkins

Note:  I wrote this on August 4, 2013 and first published this today as the last blog entry in Inspirational August.  I debated on whether to post it as an Inspirational writing or as a poem and as I reflect,  I suppose it is in reality, both.   The form does not rally matter as much as the reader getting it or as I'd like to think being touched by the words in some heartfelt manner.

So now this month of inspiration comes to a close but hopefully continues from time to time in our everyday living.


JPeepers said...

I love this poem! Indeed the time for Heaven on Gaia, or 5-d is at hand ;)

Unknown said...

I really liked your poem.
I don't know if you've been exposed to it, but there is a novel by Robert A. Heinlein entitled Stranger In A Strange Land. The protagonist is an E.T. living in our world... It explores the theme you've touched on, here. Deep inside I think we can all "grokk" (to use Heinlein's term) the existence of other realms... Including ones where our troubled evolution untimely results in an enlightenment of our species - where we recognize the interconnectedness of all things - and no one feels like a stranger in a strange land any longer

Stranger in a Strange Land said...

Hello Hope:

I have never read this book. In a way it's a metaphor for what I do now that I think about it. I originally picked this as a title for my blog because I am living in a foreign Land.

Thanks for your visit and your comment.

Kind regards,