Monday, July 29, 2013

Fat, Sick And Nearly Dead Documentary - Free Viewing Only Available In The States

Here is an uplifting movie about a man who decides to radically change his dietary and lifestyle choices in an effort to deal with his declining health and increasing waistline. Overweight, taking a daily cocktail of drugs and having been told that there was nothing more conventional medicine could do for him, Australian Joe Cross decided to tackle his problems in his own way.  He chose to use nutrition, physical activity and his mental and emotional state to do what our bodies are programmed to do – and that’s to self-heal.

I will give you the reader,  two links for more information on this Documentary Film.

The second link given will be the link to a free viewing of this film, but it is only available in the States.

Article and Trailer Film

Free Viewing Available Only In The States

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This is awesome!