Thursday, June 27, 2013

Celebrate This Day Of Awakening - A Poem by M.N. Hopkins


Celebrate this day of awakening

Awaken to the joy that lies within you

Awaken to the Love that

Surrounds and fills your being

Awaken to the knowledge that you are more than human

Yet, very much humane

Seek that peace again

Seek that peace in knowing

That you can access both

The best in your humanity

While at the same time

Touch to the Divine within you

Dance through your living

Sing a song of Joy

Know that you are far stronger

Far wiser

Far more patient

Than your ego will now allow

Allow not ego to rule


Sit on the throne within your heart

Align with Heaven & Earth

And override the old programs



And begin again as Man

Man in balance with mind and emotion

Man in balance with Heaven & Earth

Man balanced in Self

Man balanced in man

Calm in knowing

Calm in being

Calm within yourSelf

Seek no more the whims of ego

Seek now the joy in living within Self

Self connected to self

self balanced within oneSelf


So will it be

© M.N. Hopkins

Note:    This poem was written on Midsummer Eve and published for the first time on my blog today.


Magnus said...

This one I liked! Left me with a good feeling and joy inside!
Thank you!

Anonymous said...

I love this - it covers all bases. But, where is the word "woman?" Picky, I know, but the Divine Mother is playing a huge role in the upcoming recalibrations

As you know, "mankind" (although still not too good) does refer to the whole species. But not "man".

With love from Big Momma ........