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Duncan M. Roads Editorial Thoughts on The Year 2011

I read this in the editorial section of the Christmas 2010, New Year 2011 edition of Nexus Magazine.  I thought it was interesting and although I am not in agreement on many of Duncan's points, I still thought that readers of my blog may find his views of interest.  I am of the belief that 2011 will be a year of  great change and one that will test us and with hope stengthen us for the years coming after.  Here is the editorial in it's entirety:

Welcome to the Christmas 2010 - New Year 2011 edition of Nexus Magazine.  Will I sound old if I comment by saying, "My, how time has flown?"  It seems like yesterday that I was writing in my editorial about the birth of my baby daughter and now she has just finished 12 years of school.

I continue to receive lots of e-mails and letters asking my opinion on what to expect on 21 Dec. 2012.  To say that Mankind is facing a critical juncture, a multi-intersecting convergence of probabilities and agendas is a massive understatement.  However, I believe that most of the "action" will occur during 2011, not 2012.  Over the last 20 to 30 years, I have developed a number of inside contacts who at various times drop a hint or two about global developments and agendas.  To date, I have seen little to ruffle their feathers about things going "wrong".  Well, it would appear that everything has changed.  If I were to summarize what I am being told by contacts behind the scenes and what is coming, it would include all of the following:

  • More and more "visitors" are arriving from other spaces, times, and dimensions.  Most are here or arriving just to watch what is about to happen to/with us.   Some are directly involved with our genetic heritage; some are here to try to hang onto their property and resources before it changes.
  • Mankind's spiritual excursion into negativity and duality is coming to an end.  This adventure is described by some as like an elastic band which has been pulled and stretched a long way into negativity and is now about to be "let go".  The analogous effects of being propelled suddenly and rapidly in the opposite direction are obviously implied.
  • The global chess game of geopolitical control is approaching it's final moves. From where I sit now, I'd say that the forces controlling China have already won.  Not that there was any real competiton, because the same forces also control the western powers.  The war, when it comes, will be a charade--a pre-organized war to reshape the global economy and governmental system.  Obviously, we were never going to adopt this voluntarily, so we will be adopting it via the dictates of whoever is the annointed "winner" of the great game.
  • Major earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, and events triggered by increased solar activity are on the cards.  We are suddenly discovering ribbons of energy at the edge of our solar system, regions of charged space, greater numbers of strange objects inside the solar system, and more.  The powers that be (TPTB) are anticipating an "event" which will cause no electricity to be able to "flow" for several days.  They are expecting massive earth upheavals and entire tectonic plates to shift and readjust, accompanied by huge tsunamis.  They have bunkers, infrastructures and plans in place so that they can ride it out as best they can.
The biggest and most exciting changes are rumored to involve a collision of the "reality lines".  This will be a period where time as we perceive it does not exist, when every thought is manifest instantly, where we "remember" who we are and why we came here, and where we either wake up, or choose to continue inside the dream.

So far, mankind has dodged most of the doomsday prophecy bullets fired at it.  I like to think that this reflects the change in mass consciousness of how many people are returning to spiritual ideas and are looking beyond the illusion of physicality for the truth of our existence.

I see that more and more people sense that now is the time to broadcast love, light and peaceful thoughts.  Millions of people are doing this every full and new moon.  There is even an article in this issue proving that when people get together and focus thought, love, and attention, miracles can and do happen.

It is time to choose whether you believe you are a meaningless "accident" of a mechanical Universe with no purpose other than to survive and reproduce or whether you believe you are a meaningful being, here by choice and with purpose.  What you choose will determine how you experience what is to come.  I wish you all well!

Duncan M. Roads, Editor, Nexus Magazine

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