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A Letter From Alex Kochkin - Part 2

I am passing on a second letter that I received from Alex Kochkin at Positive Future Consulting & Global Awakening Press. 

Global Awakening News
January 1st 2011
Update #10

“You are a part of an evolving spiritual being that has been working to understand the human experience and the nature of density.”

Saturday January,1st 2011

Dear Readers,

I wish everyone here and their family, friends, and circles of acquaintances the very highest possible in their spiritual evolution.

During these recent weeks I have been too preoccupied and to complete a lengthy December Update. Material prepared for it will now become part of a later January follow-up to this. During the last week of November, I found I was already into New Years day and then worked my way backwards to the Christmas week during the following day. (Sorry, I have no idea of the winning lottery numbers.)

Our focus is on the next stage of the ascension and transformation process that is now underway. The course of human affairs will be what it will be. It is from a higher level of spiritual consciousness that human existence can be understood and perhaps guided. There is also the possibility that this human race will end and new human race will begin anew, in a very different way.

What matters most now is the quality of what is learned from this human existence in the fields of density. If only one percent of humans alive today achieve this, it would be a stupendous achievement.

What if the present level of world war three exploded into more widespread conflict and destruction? What if an asteroid brushes the earth? What if the sun gives off its most spectacular displays and plasma storms damage most everything electrical? What if the crustal plates did a dramatic walkabout? What if…? 
What remains is what has been learned at the highest and deepest levels of your human and higher existence. It is this that permits the next level of spiritual and creational evolution. Your own higher soul being and the higher realms await your response.  Connection to Creator of All and Higher Oneness beckons.

It is not possible to say at this point what is to occur next in the human and higher levels. It is something that will be known as it unfolds. Early indicators are evident to those who pay attention.

The process that is underway seems correct and on track. I have not been able to say this until now. Those who are “awakening” must attend to their process of completion. This requires minimal distractions and not chasing promises emanating from blind alleys and “rabbit holes” that try to entice and enthrall everyone. This also indicates finding ways to ease the stress and burdens upon ones own 3d human life.

In general, transformational changes relative to the “as above” and the “as below” amongst humans have been delayed by roughly one year, along with various 3-d events that were clearly anticipated. The density and intensity of interferences and blockages were major problems that are now mostly overcome.  And so, here we are!

The processes of the “correction energies” and those guiding these processes have broken up and dissolved huge sections of the dark control grids that enclose immense “bubbles” within the fallen zone as well as the localized earth realm. Imagine this to be like the recently discovered voids in the earth’s magnetic field –an “as below” counterpart to the higher level changes.

These very high energies and the sentiency that guides them from true creation have made their way through all layers of density to the higher self/soul being levels, to the human 3-d levels, all the way to the sub-atomic levels. In addition these energies are somehow being conveyed through the local sun.

We have been noticing changes in the “fluid” that the atoms of 3d are suspended in as well as in the bonds that connect them into something resembling “stable” physical reality. These bonds are changing, loosening, re-arranging, and dissolving in some cases. It is possible this is making room for restructuring of matter that will be more responsive and connected to true creation in comparison to matter that has been distorted from the influence of dark.
I regard these as “as above” alterations to the structure of 3d matter.

During 2010, from the “as below “ realm, scientists discovered and confirmed instabilities in the atomic structure of matter which were traced to mysterious energies from the sun. A very interesting “coincidence”. (Comments on this are posted at NES Forums.)

As the Dark gave rise to many levels or structures of a distorted creation under its dominion, it applied certain manifestation principles that are a natural part of creation processes. The problem is that the Dark lacks at least two crucial qualities: the original Intent of Creator of All, and the Light of Creator that permeates true creation. It is due this that the primary impulse of the dark force has been to feed off of and to seek ways to control of the Divine Light, while engaging in all manner of mimicry. This meant finding ways to captivate and control soul beings.

The human creation was one of a number attempts to achieve this, as well as to find a suitable vehicle for the dark to inhabit more fully, replicate itself, and find ways to ascend itself. Overall and so far, this has failed, but it is the basic nature of the Dark to persist at this, no matter what the consequences. The process has taken an immense toll on innumerable beings of the Light and on many worlds, and continues to threaten the viability of this earth and the viability of humans of earthly origin.

The changes we have been noticing are vibrating loose the bonds that were formed by the dark energies to parasitize the light.  These take place in various forms at atomic levels as well as through the human and higher subtle bodies.

These bonds are now loosening and it is getting easier to shake them off.

Those terrible notions of “embrace the dark” and all related falsehoods, objectively serve the dark side to maintain its parasitism.

In addition to the various levels of invisibles realms, there is the meme control system. There is much more to this and meme engineering and related social-political-economic rubbish that is fed to people as “normal”, generation after generation. These memes can be readily understood and then rejected by those who still have half a wit to critically examine them.

What is more insidious and more difficult to penetrate is what is embedded and concealed in the interface between human “you” and those aspects of your associated higher soul self. The various branches of psychology systems were developed to enforce sophisticated levels of dark control, not just to facilitate conformity to the powers-that-be need for pliable “social normalcy”. These psychological memes are designed to enforce in the most terrible ways the grip of the dark upon the light.

As I refer to the main elements of human “self”, I try to avoid using the distorted connotations of the human psychological lexicon. So here is my simplified version:

The “upper self” would refer to that portion of your human awareness that is most aware of and desirous of moving into a mode of ascended or higher consciousness.

The “middle self” would refer to that portion that is most involved with the ego-personality-self, the “you” most tend to identify with. 

The “lower self” would refer to that portion that is most involved with your physical and body existence.

These are not tightly defined layers. They overlap and have numerous energetic and emotional/psychological bridges between them.  It is a cleverly constructed control system.

Conscious participation in your own process can lead to a more complete you in the ascension process, including the levels of the body consciousness that identify as a “self”.
As you move beyond the psycho-social control belief systems, there are those belief systems that relate to suppressed early memories and the body or lower self consciousness that at its lower levels operates at a simple animal level. At the deeper levels are the cellular atomic impulses that generally are neutral, although they can be programmed or influenced by thoughts. While many psycho-spiritual teachings set-up or reinforce outright antagonism between the aspiring human self and its lower levels of consciousness, it is preferable and possible to gain the cooperation and participation of these levels. Especially as more of you becomes aware from the “correction energies” and your own efforts of shaking loose from the dark.

There is the nearly seamless interface between aspects of your soul being and your nascent human self that involves your growth and development from birth.
As you move into adulthood, social conditioning usually suppresses conscious knowledge of your true nature before birth and you think of yourself as a separate and isolated “I”.  Part of this problem also rests in the interface between the middle human self and the levels of the body self.

I will be discussing this more in the next Update.

It is time for each of us to be attending to our own completions here to be better prepared for what is next for each of us. This also means completing or dismissing any “unfinished business” we have or imagine we have in this realm.

Pay attention to your increasing freedom from “invisible” dark interferences, most of which you are not aware of, nor were you ever expected to. Your higher self is asking the human “you” what you have learned, what is your contribution to the greater collective “you”?  Do not dwell in personal or collective fears or on the pain and suffering here, rather dwell in what you have learned. Perhaps you, your awakening human self, is “the one” who holds an important key to the further development of your greater being.

Find ways to ease your own social-material existence. Be clear and conscious of what are you doing and why. Follow through with your own “completions” to your human existence and your assessment of your own human and spiritual experiences being, as well as what you have learned from the sweep of collective human experience.

As the Light connection grows, the “fear factor” will diminish. Call in the “correction energies” through the space between your atoms and as well as through your higher soul being.

Cultivate qualities of high cosmic love vibration in your human fields and send it up to your higher levels as they will reciprocate setting up a flow of higher energies. The “Crystal Body” exercises described in GA:News aids in improving your human field integrity as well as to establish greater connection and integrity with your higher levels.

It is after all the human self that is of greatest concern here as there is the potential for the awakened human self to come into direct communion with higher oneness and takes its place as a core element with its larger soul being. There is the potential as well to form new relationships at the higher levels.

As all of “you” become are more clearly defined and less dissipated, then options as an evolving individuation of a larger being become more accessible. Even human embodiment takes on new meaning. Certain energetic structures that had importance or value will also change. Even the “crystal body”, once it has served its purpose in helping to “crystallize” your spiritual consciousness into a more complete energy matrix, may transform into a more unified field as part of its spiritual evolution.

So, call in all your “true light particles” or whatever descriptor works for you. Ask that the “correction energies” filter out any dark contamination.

This is related to calling together scattered or fragmented parts of your human self and your higher soul self. (I guess this lends new meaning to the expression, “pull yourself together”!)
Some have written that they have felt a distancing from higher self, but consider that the higher self/soul being has also been in need of help. Consider that without the benefit of the “correction energies” too many soul beings would remain laden with dark energies and unable to bring themselves into full integrity.

Some of written that they have found that they feel more a part of a greater being and thus very little sense of separation in their awareness.

Reflect upon the discussion of the general system of your human and soul body described in the “Crystal Body” and other material that we have provided.
Consider that you, the spiritually awakened human “you”, could form a vital and long-missing element to your greater soul being. Also consider that you, the human you, when spiritually awakened, could form the nucleus for a new type of spiritual being.

Consider that a small portion of a small portion of humans are well “in process” and this can have a rapid and profound effect on so many more. This would be consistent with what we anticipated in 2007 and 2008 when writing on the variations to the ascension and transformation process. First some, then many more, and a collective capacity can grow rapidly for transformational change. Do not concern yourself with distorted notions of “critical mass”, these notions have little or no relevance to the process that is underway.

The personal question for all of us is why we are doing (or not doing) whatever it is that we are about in this world, especially so given the nascent spiritual awakening we are a part of. 

An even greater question is how we are each attending to our spiritual evolution and so better able to contribute to the evolution of creation.

All my best to you each and everyone!


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