Friday, January 4, 2019

Truth Shall Make You Free - The Wisdom of Beinsa Douno

“Truth shall make you free.”

“Truth is a quality of the soul, which the soul is seeking. Freedom is a primary power from which the soul was detached, and the thread was lost. As a result of that, the soul descended and went down into the material world. This symbolizes having trials and suffering. For human beings to be powerful, they must first be free. Power comes from freedom.

In order for human beings to be free, they must not sin. They must not permit bad thoughts within themselves or bad feelings and doubt within their souls. For human beings to be free, means for them to have absolute love for God, Who has given birth to them. These are the attributes of freedom; only through them can we create the mighty strength and power that we are now seeking. Truth is a messenger and guide that can lead the soul toward freedom. Freedom is a spring from which the soul can always benefit.

Truth is a method of the Divine economy through which all past mistakes will be corrected. Truth is a power that can disconnect evil from good, and can untie the cord with which human beings are bound. Truth can give human beings knowledge and wisdom, and can connect us with Divine love. When you can comprehend Truth, it will give you the inner fullness your soul requires. Only Truth can bring peace and calm within your soul.”

                                                                            Beinsa Douno


Unknown said...

For those who have ears to hear: this writing is inspired by God.

Magnus said...

Something worth contemplating about! Insightful writing!

Stranger in a Strange Land said...

Thnaks for your insight Truth Reigns

Yes, it is inspired by the Divine


Stranger in a Strange Land said...

Indeed Magnus