Saturday, December 15, 2018

Skillful Grace - A Tara Practice

“Skillful Grace — Tara Practice for our Times” (preface)
by Tulku Urgyen Rinpoche

Sublime and noble Lady with your circle,
Lovingly regard me with compassion, free of thought.
Bless me so the aims of all my prayers
Can be fulfilled without obstacles.
May the Buddha’s teachings spread and flourish!
May its holders live in harmony and good health !
May obstacles that threaten them subside!
May their teachings and practice prosper!
May sickness and famine, fighting and strife, all recede!
May spiritual richness increase even further!
May the spiritual rulers’ kingdoms expand!
May every country, near and far, have harmony!
Protect us from untimely death and the sixteen threats,
From menacing dreams and sinister omens,
From the miseries of samsara’s lower realms,
From every peril, now and always!
Increase our life, merit, capacity, experience and realization!
May harmful notions not intrude!
May the twofold awakened mind arise, free of effort!
May our aims be fulfilled in accordance with the Dharma!
From now until supreme enlightenment,
Always guard us with your kindness
Like a mother protects her only child.
May we be indivisible from you.

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