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Everyone knows that the moon is drifting away from earth at approximately one inch per year. In 12 years it would be one foot further away. In 25,920 years, (the time it takes earth to make its complete slow precessional cycle around the sun), the moon would be 2,160 feet further away from its correct path.

It might be coincidental that the diameter of the moon is 2,160 miles and scientist really have no good idea how the moon was formed or how it was created in just the right orbit to balance earth, control our tides and seasons, and always have the same face coincide with the earth in just the perfect rotation in space.

It might also be coincidental that the period of time we call and age is 2,160 years and each age is associated with a constellation or 12 different groups of stars, that give us a specific location of earth in our journey through space.

The builders of the Pyramid Complex in Egypt and Chaco Canyon in America both knew of the importance for the placement of the moon and its effect on earths orbit:

In Egypt, the great pyramids height and base gives us the dimensions of the planet to within three quarters of a percent, the base length corresponds to the distance the earth rotates in 1/2 a second, or our correct speed and location in space within four decimal points of the year and the mathematical tool (pi) to square a round circle floating in space. The box inside the Kings Chamber, thought to be a coffin, is actually and astronomical atlas who’s walls and chambers show not only the distance from the earth to the sun and the moon, but also the weight of the sun and the moon, and the absolute cubic meter and the polar radius of the earth in terms of an absolute meter.

In Chaco Canyon, the major buildings are oriented with the winter and summer solstice and the equinox to show the earth’s tilt and perfect balance in space. Other buildings are oriented with the moon’s 18.6 maximum and minimum year cycle, back and fourth, that very few people on earth are aware of today. All this information is chiseled in stone on a flat rock on top of a high butte and marked by the sun’s light perching a circle at the exact moment to show that the earth, its tilt, and the moon are all still in the perfect balance and orbit that we need to survive.

No one knows how, who or why the pyramids were built in China, Mexico, and Egypt and no one ever lived at Chaco Canyon as there are no burial grounds, dumps, water, or proper ventilation in the buildings to build a fire to stay warm.

The Hopi believe that the Creator’s Nephew placed the planets in gentle order when they first found earth wobbling in space. I believe he did this with the moon and that the murals of Egypt show this event. Perhaps in time we can come together and put the moon back in its proper place and orbit to solve climate change and global warming? What would it take? How could we do it? How much time do we have left to act? If I am correct the Sphinx is the time piece and we will enter the next age on December 21st in the year 2100, the winter solstice and the coming new age.

Special thanks to Peter Tompkins, Secrets of the Great Pyramid, and Anna Sofaer, The Mystery of Chaco Canyon.

Thomas O. Mills Former Manager Hopi Cultural Center

Author: The Book of Truth, A New Perspective on the Hopi Creation Story

Stonehenge, If This Was East 



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