Friday, August 3, 2018

Uplifting Orchestral Music - Lost & Found: A Guest Post by K Jee

Published on Oct 8, 2017

Lost & Found: an orchestral, uplifting piece made with a rising progression that i hope brings a good feeling by the end of the song.
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This track was made with a lot of strings and solo violin work and i enjoyed working with the images for the (somewhat corny) video that goes with it. I wish i could spend a little more time on videos so that i can create a bigger story and storytelling element, but music is subjective so the story is different in different people's minds.
I always love to harmonize my melodies when appropriate, and this track has plenty of that. I had a few things in mind when writing this including a sort of old English feel to go with the more modern backing. Also, a good friend had a pretty rough week as i sat down to work, so I wanted to do something uplifting but respectful whilst also keeping a fantasy theme in mind.
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Unknown said...

So glad you used my music for your inspirational blog.
Ty - KJ

Stranger in a Strange Land said...

I should thank you KJ for approaching me with the offer of your music. You are truly talented and I am so pleased to have a guest post of this quality on my blog.

Kindest regards,

Magnus said...

Lovely music and fascinating and beautiful video!!


Stranger in a Strange Land said...

Indeed Magnus