Thursday, June 7, 2018

Divide Yourself Not - A Poem by M.N. Hopkins

Divide yourself not

Then you will be distracted

Stay strong in yourSelf

©  2018   M.N. Hopkins

Note:  This poem was inspired yesterday after first viweing a interview dealing with unatural, disharmonious sounds vs. the harrmonious and natural sounds in nature that can induce healing in the body then later that evening listening to a medium talk about not being distracted by cell phones and TV and to take time to listen to the sounds of nature to connect to what one’s Soul is telling you.

The first line of the poem came to me effortlessly as an insight while listening to the second man speaking and I played with different constellations of words for the second and third lines of this haiku poem.  I finished it this morning and published it for the first time on my blog today, the 7th of June 2018.

When I write yourself, this refers to the ego self.  When I write yourSelf, this refers to the Soul or Higher Self or that which is closer to the Divine.


Magnus said...

Nice poem!
And interesting to read your note about it!

Stranger in a Strange Land said...

Hello Magnus:

Glad you enjoyed the poem and story behind it.

Kind regards,