Saturday, February 17, 2018

Bay Leaf & Clove Tea Recipe


1 liter of water

3 bay leaves

5 cloves

Boil for 5 minutes and drink luke warm or cold during the day.  Drink one liter for 21 days and see the difference in your body.  Many are using this as a lymphatic system cleanser.  Besides being good for you, it tastes quite good also. 

Note:  I have drunken this tea and felt very positive changes in my body.  I had a physical reaction after a few days with much mucus and a pain my in my sinus area and feeling sick to my stomach with a severe fatigue and feeling as if coming down with a cold or flu.  That lasted about half a day and then my energy came back and I felt great after a good nights sleep.  

This showed me that this tea was working and had a detoxing or cleansing effect upon my body.  Many times when people get a reaction like this to a remedy they become afraid and think it dangerous whereas this tells me that it is working.  


Magnus said...

Thanks for sharing!
I tried this - I felt a little tired and sluggish for about 1,5 day, but after that my circulation improved and felt less tired and sluggish in my limbs!
Worth trying if anyone hasnt tried! Easy to fix and taste quite good

Stranger in a Strange Land said...

Hello Magnus:

Good. I had very positive result with this tea also.

Kind regards,

MMurat Murat said...

Thank you

Anonymous said...

I made a pitchers worth, had some warm and then chilled the rest in the fridge leaving the cloves and bay leaves in it. I added some chia seeds (help carry toxins out of the body before reabsorption) and sometimes added honey to sweeten just a bit. After about 5 days, having 2-3 tall glasses per day I felt like my joints were detoxing, not sure why but that's what my body seemed to be saying. I can't wait to have this on a hot summer day! It's very refreshing. Thank you for sharing! - Leah