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31 Long-Forgotten Native American Medicinal Cures That Really Work!

31 Long-Forgotten Native American Medicinal Cures That Really Work!

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Here are the 31 best Native American medicinal cures…

1. Alfalfa: This green veg can help relieve digestion, help blood clotting and is a great immune system booster.
2. Aloe: Still used today in some skin product, squeezing aloe sap directly onto the skin stops the pain of insect bites, burns and sunburn.
3. Aspen: Aspen tea is used to help fevers, coughs and pain. It contains salicin which is used to make aspirin.
4. Bee pollen: Boosts your energy, your immune system and speeds up digestive problems.
5. Beeswax: Can be used topically on insect bites and stings.
6. Blackberry:Blackberry tea is used to stop diarrhea, reduce inflammation and stimulate the metabolism.
7. Black Raspberry: Black raspberry roots are dried and made into tea to relieve coughs, diarrhea and general intestinal distress.
8. Buckwheat: A popular health food today, it lowers blood pressure, helps with blood clotting and relieve diarrhea.
9. Cayenne: Used by the Native Americans for many uses including to increase blood flow, as an antiseptic and anesthetic to numb the pain.
10. Chamomile: Chamomile tea is used to treat nausea and anxiety.
11. Chokecherry: This is a go-to Native American cure-all which helps coughs, colds, flu, nausea, inflammation and diarrhea. As a salve or poultice it is used to treat burns and wounds.
12. Echinacea: An all-round medicinal plant which helps the immune system, fight infections and fever. It also is used as an antiseptic and general treatment for colds, coughs and flu.

13. Eucalyptus: Eucalyptus oil is used for coughs, sore-throat, flu and fever.
14. Fennel: The seeds are chewed, or the leaves and stems are made into a tea to treat coughs, sore-throat, aid digestion, offer relief to diarrhea.
15. Feverfew: This is still used today in many alternative painkilling treatments, it helps with headaches, migraines and joint pain.
16. Feverwort: Another natural remedy used to treat general pain and joint stiffness.
17. Ginger root: Ginger is an excellent medicinal food, it helps digestive health, is anti-inflammatory, aids circulation and can relieve colds, coughs and flu.
18. Ginseng: Ginseng extract is still used today, it is a general immune system booster and helps liver and kidneys to function properly.
19. Goldenrod: This was used by the Native Americans to help cold and flu symptoms such as bronchitis and chest congestion, inflammation and sore throats.
20. Honeysuckle: Used to treat bee and insect stings topically, and as a tea was used to treat coughs and colds.
21. Hops: Was used to treat stomach and digestive problems, and also for toothaches.
22. Licorice: This is an excellent reliever of sore throats and coughs, and for chest infections.
23. Mullein: Used to treat chest infections and general inflammation in the body.
24. Passion flower: Used to treat burns, insect bites and boils.
25. Red clover: Used to treat inflammation, improve circulation and treat respiratory conditions.
26. Rose hip: Full of vitamin C, this is an excellent immune system booster and was also used as an antiseptic and to treat inflammation.
27. Rosemary: Chewed, it was used mainly as an effective pain killer.
28. Sage: Sage was used for digestive disorders, colds and sore throat.
29. Spearmint: Helps clear the sinuses and aids blood flow, great for treating runny noses and colds.
30. Valerian: Valerian root calms pain and helps relax the stressed.
31. White Pine: Used to treat respiratory problems and chest congestion.
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Toni said...

Going to have to look into some of these. I once burned the base of my thumb so bad the skin actually curled up and felt like a potato chip. I immediately held it under cold water while my husband cut a spire of Aloe off one of our plants. I rubbed the gel substance on the burn for twenty minutes.

When I woke up in the morning there was a tiny scar and within a week, the scar was barely visible. I always have 10 to 15 Aloe plants growing around the place now.

Stranger in a Strange Land said...

Hello Toni:

Lots of useful info in this post. Thanks for visiting and leaving a comment.

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