Monday, March 28, 2016

The Gaian Dragon I Ching Calendar : Week of Thunder from James Clair Lewis

The Gaian Dragon I Ching Calendar


Recognize the Block. Hear the Thunder. Maintain the Meditative state of mind. Allow for a Decrease. Hold onto Gentleness. Be open to Influence.

Stir up Enthusiasm. Assert Control. Be the source of Abundance. Create a Return. 

Establish a Following. Simply Bite Through

A Shock need not be a disaster

The Image

Lightning strikes!

Think about your attitudes.

Speak your Mind.

Learn to change.

The Inside

The Dragon thinks before it acts. Wait for the opening before you make your move. Supreme Good Fortune. Do not be deceived by appearances. Be patient, and good fortune will return. Look ahead. Trying too hard is as bad as not trying at all. Seek the Middle Way. Be realistic! People will approach you after you rid yourself of bad habits and misconceptions. Listen. Use your imagination to overhaul the defect in this project. Some changes are necessary. Be Creative. If you brag about what you are going to do, you probably will never get around to it. Misfortune.

The Outside

Don't boast or share your plans with everyone. Be sensible! In a difficult situation it is advantageous to pretend that you do not see everything that is going on. Play dumb! Do not anger the Bees. Be patient when no one will hear you, especially if you know what you are talking about. No blame. The world is full of fools. You should cultivate the company of friends on The Path of Truth. Be Real. The Butterfly transforms the Universe. Dedicate your life to the Path of Truth. Fear nothing. Supreme Good Fortune! Go for it! Eliminate disruptive influences who cannot learn from mistakes. 

Be Decisive!

The Lines

Top : Maintain calm in the midst of disaster. Be Sensible!

5 : The Butterfly transforms the Universe. Stay on the Path throughout all of the troubles that life can bring. Danger, and Good Fortune!

4 : Use the internal strength for leverage when you are stuck. Think!

3 : Do not anger the Bees. Do not become upset by a sudden turn in events. Remain calm. No blame.

2 : Do not be decieved by appearances. Be patient, and good fortune wull return. 

Look ahead.

1 : Fear nothing. Do what you must do. Be Real!

Thunder's Circle of Friends
The OutsideThe Inside
Bite Me!Magick
FollowingThe Gentle
Yes!The Block

These animated Moving Mandalas are very large files. Please click on the pic, and wait for it to load. The Contemplation will be very enabling, carrying your Mind beyond the mundane world...


Unknown said...

Great pointers to be observed in the path of life...Yes, do not disturb the bees...Yes, to all...but how can we be free of those who slither among us dishonestly...I am in the process of learning to observe and letting go...Thank you...

Stranger in a Strange Land said...

You are very welcome Nicoleta. All in time, all in time. Don't stress.

Kindest & warmest regards and thanks for stopping by for a visit,

Anonymous said...

Interesting write thank you for sharing.

Lux G. said...

Wow, this is a powerful post. Really enlightening too.
We need to learn these lessons ASAP.

Stranger in a Strange Land said...

Hello Lux G:

Yes, it is thanks to James. Always appreciate your comments.

Kind regards,

Stranger in a Strange Land said...

You are very welcome Martin.

Kindest regards,