Saturday, January 2, 2016

The Path Of The Mystic Explained - An Essay and Guest Post from Michael Brine

The Path of the Mystic 

Let me state right at the outset that the Mystic Path is not a religion. It is a spiritual approach to how our personal spiritual journey interacts with the world in which we find ourselves. It is very personal and largely an interior exploration with no rules or regulations, except those we my choose to adopt for reasons of our individual choosing. It is an exploration of the Heart more than of the mind.

That said – Mystics feel that the soul's spiritual journey shouled be rooted in Love – the strongest power in the Universe. We feel that truth is not obtained in the outside world but is an interior and very personal revelation, beyond the mind – remembering that the mind should be seen as a tool – but never our master. The Mystic Path does not pass judgement; it simply observes.

Unconditional Love is the cornerstone of the Universe. Once that is truly felt deep within us, then we will be lifted up out of the quagmire of negativity and fear by which we have allowed ourselves to be controlled over the centuries. We just have to remove the blinders.

Humans are in essence beautiful beings when they are born. Think of what you feel and see in a new born – or, as the child begins to grow you see it interacting with other children, giggling and dancing, and interacting with each other as children do – simply having innocent fun. It makes you feel good, also observing it. Then as they get around four or five they begin to absorb the attitudes and understandings of those around them – parents, family, teachers and teachings in school, et al. This is when the moulding begins to 'educate' a child into the culture and society into which it has been born, along with all of its attitudes and [mis]-understandings from its – the society’s perspective. That applies to and includes religious beliefs, or none, any anger extant in the home between parents, society's attitudes towards other races and cultures and so on.

Here's an extreme example I often use to illustrate my point. Saddam Hussein who most would see as an 'evil' person was rejected by his father and raised by an uncle. This uncle abused him terribly – made him sleep in the barn – beat him with an iron rod – and wouldn't let him join the family at meal times, and so on. This was the 'moulding' that he got. When he was born he was a simple innocent child but became this hugely angry man out to kill anyone who got in his way. 

Had he received his mother's love and nurturing and been accepted by others of his family as he grew we wold have seen a very different Saddam. We are the result of our conditioning whatever and however that conditioning is received and absorbed. 

In my opinion corrupt rulers, along with the divisive effect of religions across the world, have divided humans from each other in a very negative way, making us largely puppets of mainly these two elements – rulers and religion – down through the centuries. My first remembering on a personal level was when I lived in Quebec City at the age of four and five, when the French kids  would taunt me when we played together and tell me, “You not 
Catholic – You go to Hell sure!” THAT is conditioning.

So, to be able to return and re-discover our true nature of who we in essence truly are – then these two corrupting elements – along with the global imbalance of men over women – must be seen for what they are. Most who are caught up in a particular religion do from a real earnestness and a sincere desire to do good and to do “God's Will” as they understand it from what they are taught by their religious teachers. When you have endless different religions all across the world, all claiming they have the “Truth”, then where do you begin? 

My answer to myself  - start with Love  unconditionally and without judgement in accepting that we are all sons and daughters of a living and loving Creator – what some refer to as the “First Cause” - and start to play and dance and hold hands just as that beautiful Man said some two thousand years ago, “Unless you be as a little child you cannot enter the Kingdom of Heaven.”  In that one statement He appears to be saying we were not born evil, as some religions appear to indicate, but that in our very essence we are pure and loving beings. I prefer that!

I would like to share with you these words:- 

“Truth is not confined – it is every where and is everlsting. It does not reside, nor is it the purview of anyone person or religion. It rests within the hearts of us all. It is found in the Silence when the mind is still. It overflows from the Heart when we “listen”. It has no limitations for it is everywhere and in all created things and Love is it's messenger.” 

Than you – and please, these are just my views on the Mystic Life. You've asked, and this is what has and does work for me. 

My e-mail address is <> should you wish to communicate good bad or indifferently! Feel free – no charge! :) 

Thank you and Onward into Forever say I. Indeed! :)

 My best, and sincere love, Michael Brine.

FYI – I live in Canada's Yukon Territory. 


Martin Kloess said...

Thank you for this treat

Toni said...

Excellent! Extreme input results in rigid black and white beliefs. Nurturing and love encourages one to see the many wonderful and rich shades of grey of the spectrum and to recognize and understand the shades of others.

Love this post.

Stranger in a Strange Land said...

You are most welcome Martin.

Kindest regards,

Stranger in a Strange Land said...

Hello Toni:

Glad that you enjoyed it. Michael Brine will be pleased.

Kindest regards,

Anonymous said...

Thank you Toni and Martin for your kind comments relating to my article on the Path of the Mystics - at least as I have experienced the Path. Much love and respect to you and also to you to Mike - Mustn't forget you! :)

Michael B.