Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Sweden and Ireland - Rest In Peace


This is pure opinion or my view of current events in both Sweden and Ireland based on the media, both mainstream and a few voices of freedom that still manage to cry out against the dying of the light.  I will speak from the heart in a manner that is still allowed for the time being.  Not all of us on the planet have made the Devils deal, but unfortunately we will all have the Devil to pay one day.

Anyhow, back to my motivation to write this blog entry.  I believe that tomorrow the Swedish Government will vote to replace the Swedish ground laws or constitution with the EU constitution.  There has been only one article in the newspapers that I know of mentioning this vote and nothing since.  As usual, the Swedish Parliment is not taking the decision to the voters but deciding themselves which is business as usual here.  I believe it is a done deal and they aren't taking any chances that an informed public will realize that as of tomorrow, Sweden dies as a sovereign nation and becomes ruled from Brussels.  The Swedes are about to experience tyranny like they have not seen since the good old days when ruthless royals and lords, preists, and wealthy farmers and industrialists ruled the Land.  The people have nobody to blame but themselves.  Their leaders have betrayed them for some pieces of gold all the while they were distracted by facebook, reality television, the latest cell phones, fashion, lies and rumor and a media that is totally without the freedom to inform the population of the reality of their everyday living.  Oh, I forgot to mention that their education system has been turned to flim flam, easy credit and with it high debt, they have been overly vaccinated and medicated, fed a diet of food lacking in vitamins, minerals and replaced by bacterias, poison, and artificial sweeteners.  Dull us down, weaken us physically, emotionally, and mentally and this is what happens.  The population gives up freedoms and rights that their ancestors fought and died for for generations and gladly give up there culture, national identity, and great contributions made for the betterment of mankind. The common good goes out the door with all common sense.

Last year, Sweden allowed GMO potatoes to be grown in Sweden, although there was a public debate, 10:30 pm at night the night before the vote in which the agricultural minister defended this with a lot of marketing lies and BS feed to him by MonSatan who had been trying to get these poison potatoes into production in  Sweden for 10 years.  The next morning the bill passed in Parliament to allow their growth. That's the way to go.  Deception and misinformation or perhaps better said non information at it's best.

Now, to Ireland.  Now, they have signed their sovereignty away to the EU Banksters along with the flim flam IMF.  Once involved with those loan sharks, a nation pretty much signs over their natural resources, properties, and autonomy and must accept terms that benefit the banksters of this imaginary bank that in reality has no real legal authority and operates outside the rule of law.  More like an association that gives itself validity and authority.

It wasn't enough to disrespect the voters of Ireland when they voted in their Irish way to oppose the Lisbon Treaty by having a revote.  What ever happened to the voice of the people?  If there ever was one, I suppose it will be heard no more under the yoke of the EU in future years.  If their current behavior is any indicator of future behavior, then lets all welcome ourselves to an Orwellian future in Europe.

So, rest in peace once proud nations.  Remember no one forced you into this.  The devil can be very charming as all con artists are and uses your power against yourselves.  Evil really has no power, but deceives one into signing on the dotted lines with promises that appeal to your ego fears and weaknessses. Now, we all have the Devil to pay.

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