Saturday, November 13, 2010

I Won't Back Down

I'm with Tom Petty.  When I think of the madness in our world.  The majority of the Presidents, Prime Ministers, Religious Leaders, Military Leaders, Health Proffessionals, Educators serving their own egos rather than serving what is best in their natures and humanity and doing what is best for the community.

People being deceived, mis-informed, mis-directed all in the persuit of  currency and what have we bought but the betrayal of their own kind.  Vaccinations, legal drugs passed out like candy, people labeled with mental and emotional and physical problems that don't in reality even exist.  New World Disorder, Bilderbergers, Zionists, Terrorists, Banksters, Corporate Crooks, Religious Leaders advocating violence and hate and politicians on the take.  Corruption in every facet of our everyday living. Weakness being condoned and encouraged by our High Priests of Liars.

I found out early in life never to back down to bullies.  For the Good Lord surely does love justice and will one day forgive the wrong doers, but in the mean time there's a lot of suffering going around.  Now, I will get off my soap box and speak freely and write freely for as long as God is willing and the creek don't rise.

My best wishes to all those in our world who serve what is best in our humanities and still have the strength to live by their principals.

M.N. Hopkins


Anonymous said...

I'm with Tom Petty and you too, but I think the equal important thing is to focus on improval and how to make things better. People know that presidents are bought, countries go to war for oil, multinational companies ruin small countries and their resources, but nooone (or too small amount) do anything about it... Just look at such simple and obvious thing as illegal drugs in our society - everyone know how dangerous and how detrimental this illegal thing is to people and the society and our world, but yet - what is done? It would have been so easy to just eliminate it from our society forever if we just wanted, but we don't, because we don't have figures out any creative solution in how to do that. So I think that is the key thing with both illegal drugs and all injust world circumstances as well. Not to just point them out but to use our God-given abilities to create creative solutions of how we are going to change this world. Because just sitting and complaining about a bad TV-show won't make it better until you choose to switch channel or to create a better TV-show on our own. So that is why I think things are like they are. Our world is just a reflection of citizens internal circumstances and our inability to act and demand change. So hopefully we will end up with better solutions for us and this world in the near future to create a lasting change...

Stranger in a Strange Land said...

Hello Anonymous:

Very intelligent and well thought out comment. I'm with you. All the injustice, unfairness, negativity were created by us or by us buying into myths and lies and accepting them out of fear. It will take a joint effort by many millions or even billions to change our world since it is a joint creation and cooperative effort. We can only hope for the best and do our small part. So, if we only complain then that's a start and hopefully leads to some real action or activity in time.